The Dice Stacking Book by Todd Strong

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Details: Dice Stacking is the art of scooping up dice into a cup in such a way that one unveils a vertical column of dice. This book is filled with hundreds of step-by-step photos illustrating techniques for both beginners and experts. Delight and amaze yourself and others by stacking the dice! The following is found in this book…

  • Beginning Dice Stacking,
  • Advanced Stacking Techniques,
  • Aerial Dice Stacking,
  • Dice Stacking Games,
  • Decapitation,
  • History Of Dice and
  • Stacking Items Other Than Dice.


vi Acknowledgments
viii Preface

Chapter One: How to Stack Dice, Vocabulary
2 The Grip
3 First Method to Stack Dice: The Basic Shuttle
4 Inertia
5 Adding More Dice
6 The Expanded Shuttle
7 The Set
8 Slide to the Left
9 The Unveiling
10 The Scoop
11 Secrets of a Good Scoop
12 Scoop Up the Leftovers
13 Controlling the Spots
14 Second Method to Stack Dice
16 Rock the Cup While Keeping One Die High
17 Scoop Up the Die While Rolling the Cup
18 Scoop the Remaining Dice into the Cup
19 The Set
20 How to Salvage a Partial Column of Three

21 Chapter Two: Variations with Dice Stacking: The Quick Stack
22 The Even Quicker Stack
23 Two by Two In Line Stack
24 Two by Two Wide Stack
25 Two by Two Pre-Stacked Mini-Columns
26 Spread Out Four In Line Scoop
27 The Fastest Stack in the World
28 Two by Two Fastest Stack in the World
29 Diamond Four Scoop
30 Red Cross Stack
31 Skeet Shooting Dice Stacking
32 Scoop ‘Em Up Any Way You Can
33 Numbers Dice Stacking
34 Two Fisted Stacks
35 Double Column One Fisted Stacks
36 Even Faster Double Column Stacks
37 Triple Column One Fisted Stacks
38 Columns Upon Columns
39 Magic Effects with Dice Stacking
40 A Simple Color Switch

41 Chapter Three: Aerial Moves
42 Toss Up One Die at a Time
43 Multiplex Aerial Dice Stacking
44 Scoop In All Four Dice at Once
45 Forehand&endash;Backhand Two Dice Scoop
46 Multiplex Forehand&endash;Backhand Scoop
47 Nesting Cups Stack

49 Chapter Four: Decapitating Dice
50 Decapitating One Die at a Time
51 Decapitating Two Dice at a Time
52 Decapitating Three Dice at a Time
53 Double Quick Dice Decapitation
54 Decapitating a Wall of Dice

55 Chapter Five: Stacking Items Other Than Casino Dice
56 Modern Art Stacks
57 Three Times Modern Art Stack
58 Stacking Tiny Dice
59 Stacking Large Dice
60 Stacking Different Size Dice in a Pyramid
61 Stacking Dice in an Inverted Pyramid
62 Stacking Sugar Cubes
63 Stacking Ice Cubes
64 Stacking Apericubes
65 Stacking Dice and Coins Together

67 Chapter Six: Fantasy Dice Stacking Tricks

71 Chapter Seven: A Brief History of Dice

81 Chapter Eight: Dice Stacking Games
82 Bingo Dice Stacking
84 Basic Caesar’s Column for Beginning Players
85 The Four Columns of Caesar
86 Orders from Rome – Challenge Caesar’s Columns
88 Follow the Leader Dice Stacking
89 One On One Skeet Stacking

90 Afterward
92 Bibliography

  • Publisher: Perceptual Motion
  • Pages: 94
  • Location: Point Roberts, WA, USA
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1998
  • Binding: softbound

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