Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner by Mike Maxwell

(c. 1987) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: Thirty-seven magical, audience-tested routines from one of America’s outstanding bar magicians.

Highlights include:

  • J.C.’s Infamous Card Under the Drink – One of J.C.’s closely guarded secrets for many years; Entertainment Tacks – The bread on the ceiling will put the bread on the table;
  • Jumbo Torn and Restored Car – The Big Brother to J.C.’s now classic routine;
  • The Wagnerian Miracle – Any card at any number at anytime;
  • Knock on Wood – An absolutely stunning coins-through-the-table which features the Wagner Click Pass, an invaluable coin move;
  • J.C.’s Super Closer – a mind-numbing finale!;
  • Prediction Out of This World – Paul Curry’s Masterpiece with a Wagner knock-out punch!;
  • Thoughts on The Gambler’s Cop – The real work on concealing a card!;
  • The Assembly – A working professional’s method for a classic effect!;
  • Whispering Wagner – Two thought-of cards out of thin air!

Contents (from book ToC, updated with page numbers Aug 2017):

CHAPTER ONE: Commercial Stunners
1 Entertainment Tacks: A card on Ceiling
6 Bandorama: Rubberband around deck Revelation
10 Jumbo Torn and Restored Card
16 Prediction Out of This World
20 Whispering Wagner: Two thought-of cards out of thin air
23 J.C.’s Super Closer: Ian Baxter’s Ace Production, Gene Finnel’s Free Cut Principle

29 CHAPER TWO: Four Ace Routines
29 Thoughts on the Gambler’s Cop
34 Twisted Underground Transposition
38 Omni Twist Collectors: Vernon Transfer, J.C. Buckle Displacement, Dan Tong’s Pad Spread
44 Twisted Collectors II: Marlos’ AFTUS, the Jordan Count
46 J.C. Fabulous Four Ace Routine: the Spread Switch
51 The Fab Four Revisited
54 J.C. On Collins Aces: Rub A Dub Dub Vanish
60 The Assembly: Vernon Outjog Subtlety, the Loewy Palm, Hartman’s Secret Subtraction
69 Honest John’s Cards Across
72 J.C. Collins Kings: An Ace Assembly with Kings with a twist

79 CHAPTER THREE: Coin Magic
79 Poor Man’s Matrix: Done with Pennies and a jumbo coin climax; Dingle-Schneider pick-up move
86 Knock on wood: a coins through table; the Wagner Clink Pass, Han Ping Chien
92 The Real Two Copper-One Silver: requires gimmick

97 CHAPTER FOUR: J.C. On Estimation
97 Estimation #1
99 Estimation #2: Look Up
101 The Card Under the Drink: Variation of a Marlo Bottom Palm
105 Non-Gaffed Ultra Mental: Hofzinser Cull, Paul Harris’ Spread Switch, Larry Jenning’s Variation of Paul Harris’ Spread Switch
109 The Wagnerian Miracle: An Any Card at Any Number at Anytime

113 CHAPTER FIVE: Packet magic
113 Factory Misprints: Blank cards get printed
116 Gypsy Curse:Marlo’s 3 way move, Christ-Anneman Alignment, Flustration count)
121 Ghost Deal Variation: the D’Amico Shift

129 CHAPTER SIX: Card Magic
129 Royally Wild: Wildcard routine with a kicker; Variation of Hamman’s Flustration count, Simplex L.J. Switch, Vernon’s Through the Fist Flourish, The Christ Twist, and The Wagner Switch
138 Simplex Lie Speller
141 Would I Lie to You?
143 The Revelation: A way to reveal a card
145 Transpojuxtaposition: A find a card routine with a twist
147 Up-Standing Triumph: An in-your hands Dai Vernon’s Triumph routine
150 Triumph #999: Additional subtleties from J.C. to the transitional Triumph routine; Vernons’ Block Transfer
153 Royal Detectives: A sandwich transposition routine; Paul Harris’ Snap Count, The Eye count, Alex Elsmsley’s Hand Washing Vanish
157 Tri-Mi-Way: J.C. version of the “Everywhere and Nowhere” plot; The Double Deal Turnover
161 Sweepstack: Poker deal demonstration routine; Marlo’s Simple Shift

  • Publisher: L&L Publishing
  • Pages: 164
  • Location: Tahoma, CA, USA
  • Dimensions: 7″x10″
  • Date: 1987
  • Binding: softbound

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