The Comedy Magic Textbook by David Roper, David Ginn

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Details: Over the space of 248 pages hardbound, author David Roper looks at comedy magic from every possible angle, backed by 20 years of research and experience, putting down his conclusions in theory as well as practical application. You’ll learn not only how to mix comedy with magic, but you’ll find dozens of tried, tested and polished routines in the book, well-illustrated with 80 Jim Kleefeld drawings and 30 photos.

The Comedy Magic Textbook is for magicians, clowns, comedians, ventriloquists, public speakers, story-tellers . . . stage or close-up entertainers . . . in fact, anyone who wants to entertain people with funny FAMILY-ORIENTED magic. This is a book that will INFORM as well as ENTERTAIN you . . . it’s a volume that will make you THINK CREATIVELY . . . and it’s a REFERENCE book you will consult again and again as you CREATE new routines for your own funny performances year after year!

Contents (from book ToC):

3 My Name ia David Roper

11 Section One – Comedy Magic

13 Chapter One – Why Do Comedy Magic?

20 Chapter Two – What is Comedy Magic?
28 Routine – Do-As-I-Do Burn-the-Handkerchief
34 Routine – “Jog”
38 Routine – Non-Cut-And-Restored-Rope Trick
39 Idea – Applause Sign
44 Bit – Melodrama Comedy Rope Bit
45 Routine – Wooflefeather Bird Egg

52 Chapter Three – How to Do Comedy Magic Effectively
54 Idea – Condensed Chicken
64 Routine – Chinese Torture Tube
67 Idea – Ooey-Gooey Dairy Routine
68 Ideas – Square Circle TV Set
72 Idea – Foolaroid Camera Production
78 Supplementary – Three Tests

85 Chapter Four – General Suggestions
85 (1) Develop a Basic Character
88 (2) Develop a Notebook or File of Comic Materials
92 (3) Don’t Neglect Your Magic
94 (4) Be Serious About Comedy
100 (5) Don’t Be Afraid to Try Writing Comedy
101 – Routine – The Mindreading Chicken
105 – Routine – Burn the Bill
111 – Laugh Lines
113 (6) Learn to Speak Well
114 (7) Avoid Cheap Laughs That Leave a Bad Taste In the Mouth
118 (8) Work on Putting the Magic and Comedy Together
120 (9) Be Prepared for Anything
120 – Out Lines
121 – Responding to Flowery Introductions

124 Chapter Five – A Controversial Question

131 Section Two – Comedy Magic Routines

133 Chapter Six – The Polish/Irish/Aggie Award-Winning Trick

147 Chapter Seven: Comedy Opening Routine
148 Opening Remarks – including Comedy Chain Escape
153 Opening Rope Routine
167 Running Gag Using a Suitcase

171 Chapter Eight: Tumbleweed Tidbits

187 Chapter Nine: Roper Comedy Card Mat
196 “Two Minds in Tune” Comedy Routine

202 Chapter Ten: Hippety-Hop Rabbits — Plus

215 Chapter Eleven: Patriotic “Professor Cheer”

225 Chapter Twelve: The Less-Than-Perfect Magician Routine
226 Comedy Opening: “The Powerful Pullet Production”
230 Stage Comedy “Miko”
239 Comedy Headchopper Routine

247 A Closing Word Or Two

  • Publisher: David Ginn
  • Pages: 248
  • Location: Norcross, GA, USA
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1986
  • Binding: hardbound

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