The Chronicles by Karl Fulves

(c. 1978,1997) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: Mike Close as well as others constantly refer to many of the huge number of effects in this gold mine of interesting and useful material – featuring a very high percentage of non-card material.

For over 30 years, Karl Fulves has published some of the greatest journals devoted to close-up ever produced. The Pallbearers Review and Epilogue have been long recognized for their extraordinary quality. Shortly after concluding Pallbearers and Epilogue he announced the birth of a new periodical – The Chronicles.

Limited to 36 issues, The Chronicles took from 1978 to 1988 to complete, and during those ten years, some of the finest close-up magic of the period was explained in its pages. In the 395 pages of The Chronicles can be found exceptional magic with cards, coins, Okito boxes, bills, rope, rings, rubber bands, business cards, even self levitations!

Circulation of The Chronicles was extremely limited, and today, files of this journal, when they can be had, go for large sums.

Now you can own, use and enjoy this great material, produced in a single hardcover volume in matching format to L & L’s editions of Pallbearers and Epilogue. 395 pages. Guaranteed to please.


No. 1

1065 Coin Entrapped (COIN TRICKS)
1067 Hyper Card (MISCELLANEOUS)
1070 Royal Backs (CARDS (Impromptu))
1072 The Isis Slate (MENTAL, PSYCHIC & SPIRIT)
1074 You Win Once (CARDS (Impromptu))

No. 2

1075 Elastic Illusion (RUBBER BANDS)
1076 In Writing (COIN TRICKS)
1076 Double Post (CUPS & BALLS)
1077 Levitations (MISCELLANEOUS)
1084 Caper (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))

No. 3

1085 The Spectrum Effect (CARDS (Impromptu))
1087 The Slydini Palm (SLEIGHTS)
1088 Still Counting (CARDS (Impromptu))
1090 Looking Glass Poker (CARDS (Impromptu))
1093 HR Cut (SLEIGHTS)
1094 Slow Motion III (COIN TRICKS)

No. 4

1095 Odd Coin (COIN TRICKS)
1097 The Lazy Gambler (CARDS (Prearranged))
1097 Omega Count (SLEIGHTS)
1098 Bottomless Glass (MISCELLANEOUS)
1100 Reverse Bank Nite (MENTAL, PSYCHIC & SPIRIT)
1101 The Isis Slate (MENTAL, PSYCHIC & SPIRIT)
1104 Linking Pin Moves (MISCELLANEOUS)

No. 5

1105 Flash Coins (COIN TRICKS)
1109 Op-Trick (CARDS (Impromptu))
1110 Rebound (COIN TRICKS)
1114 Cardini’s Crawling Bill (BILLS)

No. 6

1115 Five Card Mental (CARDS (Impromptu))
1117 Film Flam (CARDS (Impromptu))
1118 Robot Ring (ROPE, RINGS)
1124 Mutant Nomen (CARDS (Impromptu))

No. 7

1125 Medallion (MENTAL, PSYCHIC & SPIRIT)
1127 A Puzzle (RUBBER BANDS)
1128 The Lizard of Oz (BALLS)
1131 Coin Vanish (SLEIGHTS)
1134 Suspense (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))

No. 8

1135 Platform Key-Rect (MENTAL, PSYCHIC & SPIRIT)
1137 Prime Choice (CARDS (Prearranged))
1138 The IOU Shuffle (CARDS (Impromptu))
1139 Mid-Air Exchange (CARDS (Impromptu))
1144 Two Coin Vanishes (SLEIGHTS)

No. 9

1145 Midnite Coin (COIN TRICKS)
1147 Flying Eagles (COIN TRICKS)
1149 Robot Ring (ROPE, RINGS)
1150 Retrospective: The Red Prediction (CARDS (Prearranged))

No. 10

1155 Take Five (CARDS (Prearranged))
1159 Advent (CARDS (Impromptu))
1161 Psi-X (CARDS (Prearranged))
1163 Counts (SLEIGHTS)
1164 Flash Backs (CARDS (Impromptu))

No. 11

1165 Read Out (BILLS)
1166 McCauley’s Coin Vanish (REFERENCE FILE)
1167 Catapult (CARDS (Impromptu))
1168 Psychic Motors (CURIOSITIES)
1171 Flash Backs (CARDS (Impromptu))
1172 Pay Up (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))
1173 Hyper Card (MISCELLANEOUS)
1173 Elastic Illusion (RUBBER BANDS)
1174 Next (CARDS (Impromptu))

No. 12

1175 Instant Oil & Water (CARDS (Impromptu))
1177 Curious (CARDS (Impromptu))
1178 Twistrap (CARDS (Impromptu))
1179 Slydini’s Hank Gag (MISCELLANEOUS)
1181 Fireworks (CURIOSITIES)
1182 Solid Liquid (CURIOSITIES)
1184 More Than One Way (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))

No. 13

1185 The Problem at Draw (CARDS (Prearranged))
1190 Pin Thru Hank (MISCELLANEOUS)
1194 Red Blues (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))
1194 Mate Two (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))

No. 14

1195 Center Tear (MENTAL, PSYCHIC & SPIRIT)
1197 Rosenthal’s Center Tear (REFERENCE FILE)
1198 Two Coin Vanishes (REFERENCE FILE)
1200 Eleven Card Trick (CARDS (Impromptu))
1204 Go Directly to Jail (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))

No. 15

1205 Count Me In (CARDS (Prearranged))
1206 The Ten to One Trick (CARDS (Prearranged))
1208 Dice Trap (DICE)
1211 Curse of Darkness (CURIOSITIES)
1211 Boiling Point (CURIOSITIES)
1214 The U.C.L.A. Move (CARDS (Impromptu))

No. 16

1215 Spellbound for Experts (COIN TRICKS)
1219 Zenner Plus (CURIOSITIES)
1221 Jump Shot (CARDS (Impromptu))
1224 Night Riser (CARDS (Impromptu))

No. 17

1225 Gemini Rope (ROPE, RINGS)
1228 Prelude (CARDS (Impromptu))
1229 R & B (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))
1230 A Billiard BaIl Penetration (BALLS)
1231 On Again – Off Again (MISCELLANEOUS)
1234 Center Fold (CARDS (Impromptu))

No. 18

1235 Paradox (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))
1237 Ten to One Trick (REFERENCE FILE)
1237 Matsuyama’s Jigsaw (REFERENCE FILE)
1239 Oil & Water (CARDS (Impromptu))
1240 Immoracle (CARDS (Impromptu))
1242 Perfect Match (ESP) (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))
1243 No Box (CIGARETTES)
1244 Coin Move (SLEIGHTS)

No. 19

1245 Poll Your Own (CIGARETTES)
1249 Psycho (CARDS (Impromptu))
1250 Dup-Iicates (CARDS (Impromptu))
1254 Cricket (CARDS (Impromptu))

No. 20

1255 Parity Failure (CARDS (Prearranged))
1257 Out of Control (CARDS (Impromptu))
1258 Found (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))
1259 Psychogenic (MENTAL, PSYCHIC & SPIRIT)
1264 Scorpio Switch (CARDS (Impromptu))

No. 21

1265 Self-Cutting Deck (CARDS (Impromptu))
1267 Push Push (CARDS (Impromptu))
1268 Sponge Balls (BALLS)
1271 Premium (CARDS (Impromptu))
1273 DarKnot (ROPE, RINGS)
1274 Jacks And (CARDS (Impromptu))
1274 Magic 10 (CARDS (Prearranged))

No. 22

1275 Hoax Coin (COIN TRICKS)
1276 Left? Right? (MENTAL, PSYCHIC & SPIRIT)
1277 Black Out (CARDS (Impromptu))
1279 Memory (CURIOSITIES)
1284 Brainwave Dectet (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))

No. 23

1285 Coin Clip (COIN TRICKS)
1290 Two Tricks (CARDS (Impromptu))
1291 One-Hand Tenkai (SLEIGHTS)
1293 Pop-Over Card (CARDS (Impromptu))
1294 Open Selection (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))

No. 24

1295 Gambler’s Dream (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))
1297 Ivory Tower (MISCELLANEOUS)
1298 Textbook Aces (CARDS (Prearranged))
1299 Drift (CARDS (Impromptu))
1300 Three Way Ropes (REFERENCE FILE)
1300 Spellbound for Experts (REFERENCE FILE)
1301 Out of Control (REFERENCE FILE)
1301 Blackout (REFERENCE FILE)
1301 Elastic Solution (RUBBER BANDS)
1304 Aces (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))

No. 25

1305 Coin Slide (COIN TRICKS)
1308 All Red (CARDS (Prearranged))
1310 Lucky Seven (CARDS (Impromptu))
1311 Subway Move (COIN TRICKS)
1314 Murder lnc (CARDS (Prearranged))

No. 26

1315 Band in Boston (CARDS (Impromptu))
1318 Boston Notes (CARDS (Impromptu))
1321 The Forer Personality Sketch (CURIOSITIES)
1324 Swindle Box (COIN TRICKS)

No. 27

1325 Educated Dollar Bill (BILLS)
1328 Cohn’s Sponge Balls (REFERENCE FILE)
1328 Hoax Coin (REFERENCE FILE)
1329 Mira-Kil (CARDS (Impromptu))
1331 Meta-More (SLEIGHTS)
1332 QuikControl (SLEIGHTS)
1333 Sixtet (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))
1334 There Was a Crooked House (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))

No. 28

1335 Border Crossing (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))
1337 Bluff Ring (ROPE, RINGS)
1340 Quarter Finals (COIN TRICKS)
1341 Memorease (CURIOSITIES)
1342 Blackgammon (CARDS (Impromptu))
1344 Pop Up (CARDS (Impromptu))

No. 29

1345 Phantom of the Dice Table (DICE)
1351 LJ’s Prophet (CARDS (Impromptu))
1352 Twogether (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))
1352 Switch Out (SLEIGHTS)
1354 Max Switch (CARDS (Impromptu))

No. 30

1355 Five-Sided Business Card (MISCELLANEOUS)
1357 Synchro (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))
1359 The Hydrick Effect (CURIOSITIES)
1360 Optical Notes (CARDS (Impromptu))
1362 Card Popper (CARDS (Impromptu))
1363 Checkers (CARDS (Impromptu))
1364 False Cut (SLEIGHTS)

No. 31

1365 Unlinking Bands (RUBBER BANDS)
1367 Slydini on the Okito Box (COIN TRICKS)
1368 Getaway (RUBBER BANDS)
1369 Inch by Inch (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))
1371 Speedo (CARDS (Prearranged))
1372 Riffle Aces (CARDS (Impromptu))

No. 32

1375 Airborn Aces (CARDS (Impromptu))
1377 Linking Bands (RUBBER BANDS)
1378 Bill’s Monte (RUBBER BANDS)
1379 3 Little Words (CARDS (Prearranged))
1381 Over Easy (CARDS (Prearranged))
1384 Tri Double (SLEIGHTS)

No. 33

1385 Link Illusion (ROPE, RINGS)
1389 Two Tricks by Dai Vernon (COIN TRICKS)
1393 Jack Chanin’s Favorite (COIN TRICKS)
1394 Vanishing Cannonball (CURIOSITIES)

No. 34

1395 Cigarette Go (CIGARETTES)
1398 An American Expression (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))
1399 Prince Charming (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))
1400 Block Off (MISCELLANEOUS)
1401 Rope Work (ROPE, RINGS)
1404 PsyKick (CARDS (Prearranged))

No. 35

1405 King Koin (COIN TRICKS)
1406 Coin Bound (COIN TRICKS)
1407 R5B5 (CARDS (Impromptu))
1410 The Horowitz Variation (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))
1411 The Triangle (CARDS (Prearranged))
1412 Connect the Dots (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))
1413 Tri Thot (CARDS (Impromptu))
1414 Secret Knot (ROPE, RINGS)

No. 36

1415 Court Spell (CARDS (Prearranged))
1417 Reflection (CARDS (Faked, Duplicate, Other Preparation))

Close-up folio no. 11 (renumbered from page 1)

1425 (01) Dice Thru Table (DICE)
1428 (04) Automatic Stack (DICE)
1430 (06) Three Dice Tricks (DICE)
1435 (11) Tele-Dice (DICE)

Close-up folio no. 12 (renumbered from page 1)

1437 (01) Pendulum Knot (ROPE, RINGS)
1441 (05) New Rope Methods (ROPE, RINGS)

Contents compiled by Alexander Crawford from Index by Subject included in each volume
Submitted by Alexander Crawford


  • Publisher: L&L Publishing
  • Pages: 385
  • Location: Tahoma, CA, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1978, 1997
  • Binding: hardbound

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