Christopher’s Favorite Routines by Milbourne Christopher

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Details: Milbourne Christopher has been a friend and confidant to some of Magic’s Greats: Sorcar, Annemann, John Scarne, Art Baker, Okito, Johnny Carson and so many more. He has performed before Royalty and US Presidents.

This book contains some of his favorite and most baffling mysteries. Some being revealed for the first time. You will find rope magic, coins, cards, mentalism, book tests and so much more. His Lotto Prediction was a highly publicised and highly guarded secret, all explained in great detail. This hardcover book contains dozens of photos and line-drawings. All 183 pages brinm full of great moments and magical effects.

1 Foreward Introduction

I Cards – Launching Pad For Great Magicians

Part One: Rising Cards
4 Rising Cards Without Sweat
5 Devano Rising Cards
6 Wood’s Limit In Rising Cards

Part Two: The Versatile Card Stab
9 The Big Stab
11 Super Stab
12 King Stabs
14 Allerton’s Stab

14 Part Three: Finding A Spectator’s Card
15 Shooting A Card
17 Card Silk
19 Triple Choice
20 Jumbo Climax
22 Ping Pong Plus Cards
23 Radio Call-In
26 Tile Bend Away
27 Location and Peek
29 Tear The Cards
30 Card From Pocket

30 Part Four: Cards Unlimited
31 Christopher Solution to Mario Challenge
33 Another Solution to Mario Puzzler
34 Shooting Cards
35 Card Combination
37 Impaled Cards
38 Aces To Dollars
40 Card in Balloon Climax
42 Farelli’s Card And Balloon
43 Weber’s Sympathetique
45 Surprise Discovery
47 The Elliott Interlace

49 II Ropes And Knots That Are Not
49 The Christopher Style With A Piece Of Rope
50 Spectacles to Monocle
51 The Pull Through
52 Slade’s Knots Updated
54 Christopher’s Original Stretching A Rope – Lancaster & Philadelphia Methods
56 X-04 Thumb Penetration
57 Together Again
58 One Into Two
59 Fadeaway
60 The Knotted Rings
61 The Magic Keys
63 The Pairing Knots
64 Rope Through Neck
65 Flash Rope Penetration
67 Smith’s Slant
67 Hen Fetsch’s Educated Silks
68 Another Rope Routine
70 Dissolving Square Knot
72 The Vanishing Knot

75 III Mentalism – A Promising Frontier
75 Can A Mentalist Read Thoughts?
78 Super Psychometry
81 $1000 Key Test
83 Master Key – Which Lock
85 Bases Loaded
86 The Backward Card Slate
87 Q Dr Slates
90 Stanley Collins Modified
92 ESP Challenge
93 ESP Responses
95 The Chosen Word
96 Crystal Vision
97 Crystal Choice
98 Crystal Number
101 Predicting The Presidential Winner
103 Super Date Sense
105 Controlled Spirits
107 Telepathic Control
109 Christopher’s Magazine Test
110 Goldston’s Forcing A Page
112 The Eveready Book Test
114 The X04 Book Test
115 Blank Card Baffler
116 I Know Your Number
119 Calendar Magic
121 John Scarne’s Controlled Choice
122 Think Of A City
123 Card Telepathy
125 Prediction In A Sealed Envelope
128 Dr. Jack’s Lightning Forgery
131 Christopher’s Winning Lotttery Prediction

135 IV A Magician’s Mail
137 Random Letters From Christopher Files
137 – Correspondence From Friends, Fans and Fellow Magicians

184 Epilogue – Creative Conjurers

  • Publisher: Collector’s Workshop
  • Pages: 186
  • Location: McAllen, TX, USA
  • Edited by: Maurine Christopher
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 2000
  • Binding: hardbound

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