The Charlatan’s Handbook by Sid Fleischman

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Details: The Charlatans Handbook contains more than 65 works, with more than 170 drawings and photographs. The two hundred twenty-eight-page book is hardbound; 8 1/2″ by 11″, with a bright 3-color film laminated dust jacket and matching end sheets. Some of the selections from the book are The No-Switch Needle Swallowing Trick, Spoon Twisting and Lady McBathtub. The Bottle Diabolique, The Mean Magician Syndrome. You too can have X-Ray Eyes, The Card from the Fly, The Machine Gun Color Change, W. C. Fields Does a Card Trick, A Magic Club Roast, The Coward’s Palm, Thumbduggery and The Fine Art of Card Shooting. Also included are, Can Saw a Lady in Two, The Lady Disrobes, The World Famous Coin Swallowing Act, and Five Minutes of Voodoo.


9 Introduction by David Avadon

15 Coins & Stuff
17 The World Famous Coin Swallowing Act
21 The Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper, Revisited
25 Harry is at it Again
27 Ringbound
30 The 31-Day Coin Trick
34 Spoon Twisting
39 Lady McBathtub
43 Five Minutes of Voodoo
46 Coin Fade
48 The Bottle Diabolique
50 Beer
52 Perrier
54 The Bottle Fantastique
58 The Mean Magician Syndrome
60 The Longest Card Trick
62 The Fail-Safe Rope

71 Card Trumpery
73 A Guide to the Gallows
76 Flash Mnemonics
78 Jimmy Valentine Returns, Blindfolded
80 The Princess & the Pea
84 You, Too, Can Have X-Ray Eyes
86 Two New Card Reveals
88 The World’s Greatest Average Card Trick
90 Beating the Odds
94 The Fabled Non-working, Self-working Card Trick
97 The One Card Repeat
100 One-Arm McDonald Card Tricks
102 The Right-Handed Card Trick
104 The Avadon Absquatulated Card
109 A Flourish from the 30s
112 A Pocketful of Wry
114 The Wrong Way Card Trick
116 The Card From the Fly
120 An Aside on the Thumb Count
122 Weighing the Cards
124 The Machine Gun Color Change
127 The Pigeon Pasteboard
130 W.C. Fields Does a Card Trick
136 A Magic Club Roast
140 The Potato and the Card Trick
145 Card Gossip
148 The Poor Man’s Orient Express
150 Join the A.S.C.T.

153 For the Move Maven
155 The False Shuffle – Who Needs it?
157 The Push Through False Shuffle Made Easy
160 The Zarrow Shuffle/Fleischman Handling
162 The Carl march Shuffle
166 How Did that Card get in my Hand?
169 Topping the Deck with Joe Berg
171 The Coward’s Palm
173 The Fleischman Pop-Up Palm
175 The Camelback Palm
176 The Praiseworthy Bottom
179 Double Lifting
180 The Camelback Double Lift
182 The Fleischman Snap
184 Piking the Card
186 The Thayer glimpse
187 The Praiseworthy Pike
188 Thumbduggery
189 Center Stealing
190 Bottom Stealing
191 Color Changing
193 A Crimpmeister’s Crimp
195 The Chutzpa Crimp
196 The Fine Art of Card Shooting
199 The Fleischman Shoot
202 The One-Handed Shoot

205 Lagniappe
207 Adventures with the Three Shell Game
210 You, Too, Can Saw a Lady in Two
215 The Lady disrobes
217 Ring Business

223 And A Bonus
225 The Fleischman-Avadon No-Switch Needle Swallowing Trick

  • Publisher: L&L Publishing
  • Pages: 228
  • Location: Tahoma, CA, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1993
  • Binding: hardbound

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