Card Tricks Without Skill by Paul Clive, Faber & Faber

(c. 1946,1959) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: This is a wonderful book on card effects without skill of sleight of hand. Contains the classic effect by Paul Curry: Out of This World, and many other wonderful routines. This was one of the very first books on magic I ever purchased and it certainly changed my world!

Contents (updated 4/2014 with full contents):

11 Introduction
15 Chapter 1 Conjurers’ Terms and Artifices: encyclopedia of words like break, conjurer’s choice, crimp, etc.
19 False Cuts
23 False Shuffles
31 Forcing
36 Locators and Key Cards
51 Shuffles

59 Chapter 2 Beginner’s Tricks
59 Three Odd Heaps
60 You Do As I Do
61 The Cuckoo Mates
62 Over the Phone
63 I Know That One
65 Five In Harmony (Theo. Annemann)
68 Tops Four Aces
70 Sympathetic Aces (Stewart James)
71 The Ten Heaps
72 One and Two Are
74 Turn Again Whittington
75 The Mark of Age

77 Chapter 3 Impromptu Mysteries – Tricks With Any Pack, at Any Time
77 Face Your Neighbor
78 The Overhand Speller
79 A Cut in the Dark
80 Ten Steps to Freedom (Paul Clive)
83 In the Back 
83 Neighborly Reverse
84 Chosen Box Number
86 Hair-Raising
88 Spectator’s Four Ace (H. Loyd)
90 Four-Day Week
91 The Bank Robbery
92 The Wishing Well
93 This Is Your Card (Jordan)
95 Predicament in Prediction (After Jordan)
97 Duet for One (Paul Clive)
100 Telling Fingertips (Conrad Rheiner)
101 Takes the Pip (Charles T. Jordan)
102 On the Side
104 Accommodation Spelling (Ben Erens)
105 The Torn Card Obliges
106 A Slice of Luck (Paul Rosini)

108 Chapter 4 Miscellaneous
108 The Spectator Turns Magician (Paul Clive)
110 The Eleven-Card Speller (Buckley)
111 The Writing on the Fan
113 Alone Above Reverse
115 Putting On a New Face
116 Speechless Telepathy
117 The Jester Reveals (Glenn Gravatt)
118 Pocket Sympathy
119 Elbow Grease
120 Adding the Pips 
121 Tearing a Pack of Cards in Half
122 Up Your Sleeve, Mister
123 It’s In the Bag
125 From Pack to Envelope
127 Three From Six
129 Aces Get-Together
130 A Stab in the Dark
131 Card Through Handkerchief
132 In the Army (Paul Clive)
135 Mental Selection (Lu Brent)
138 I Ask No Questions (Albright)
139 Controlled Reverse (Paul Clive)
140 The Face In the Box
141 To Get His Back Up
142 Pass This Way

143 Chapter 5 Treated and Prepared Cards
143 Prediction by Deduction
145 The Key to the Draw (Charles Miller and Jack McMillen)
146 Sticking to Choice (Orville W. Meyer)
147 That’s Torn It
148 Double and Quit (Paul Clive)
149 Double Foresight
150 All Over the House
152 Slick on the Draw
154 Esteemed Judgement
156 One for All
158 The Stained Glass Window (Paul Clive)
160 Reflection on Selection
161 The Change Over (U.F. Grant)
162 Extra Special Torn Card
164 A Slick Count
165 Signed Coincidence (Lu Brent)
167 Chu, Chin, Chow (Paul Clive)

171 Chapter 6 Pre-Arrangement
171 Super Thirty Cards Trick (Zens)
173 Odd Man Out
174 Two Good Turns
176 Spelling by Question (Frank Squires)
177 Victory Flush
178 Heaps of Coincidence
179 Married Bliss at Twenty-One (Frederick Braue)
181 The Sequel of Fifteen
182 A Bee in His Bonnett
185 Think and Spell
186 Quadrangle Speller
187 The Spelling Bee
188 Simple Nap
190 The Pips in the News
191 Study in Shade (Paul Clive)
194 Super Thought Card (Dai Vernon)
196 The One I Left Behind
198 Four In Line (Paul Clive)
200 It’s a Reservation
201 Drawn from the Spread (Annemann)
202 Cut and Choose
203 Hard Boiled Mystery
204 Thirteen’s A Suit
205 The Sandwich
206 The Parting of the Ways (Paul Curry’s Out of This World)
211 One Little Bird Stayed at Home (Paul Rosini)

213 Chapter 7 The Identity Pack
213 The Identity Pack (Paul Clive): Preliminary Observations
214 The Identity Pack: arrangement
222 Tricks With the Identity Pack
222 – How Many Cards Cut?
222 – Choice and Position
222 – Naming Bottom Cards
223 – Request and Assistant
223 – Cut at the Cut
224 – Spelling Cards Names
225 – Call a Card
225 – Name a Number 
225 – One After Another
226 – Card From Pocket
226 – Three-handed Nap
229 – Double Divination

231 Chapter 8 Contributions by Master Magicians
231 George Braund, M.I.M.C.
232 The Fly Over Cards (George Braund)
233 Col Ling Soo
234 A Cheeky Trick (Col Ling Soo)
235 Douglas Craggs O.B.E. M.I.M.C.
235 Your Lucky Number (Douglas Craggs)
239 Lionel King
239 The Missing Cards (Lionel King)
241 Jack Kinson
241 A Matter of Touch (Jack Kinson)
242 Victor Peacock M.I.M.C.
243 Marriage By Proxy (Victor Peacock)
247 Stanley Stephenson, I.B.M.
247 The Magic Mirror (Stanley Stephenson)
249 Edward Victor M.I.M.C.
249 The Do-It-Yourself Card Trick (Edward Victor)
251 Peter Warlock, M.I.M.C.
251 The Count of Caligula (Peter Warlock)

255 Chapter 9 The Last Word
256 Recommended Books
257 Improving One’s Knowledge

260 Index

  • Publisher: Faber & Faber
  • Pages: 264
  • Location: London, England
  • Dimensions: 5″x8″
  • Date: 1946, 1959
  • Binding: hardbound

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