Blackstone – A Magician’s Life by Daniel Waldron

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Details: This is the story of the world and magic shows of Harry Blackstone (1885-1965), who entertained theatre-goers for over 50 seasons. Gifted with an electric presence, a magnificent voice and a master magician’s mentality and skills, he played everything from showboats to vaudeville to television.

Blackstone’s extravagant productions advertised “1001 wonders” and “an enchanting array of beautiful girls.” Waldron’s vivid and thoroughly researched narrative, enhanced with first-hand accounts by those who worked on the Blackstone show, presents an unforgettable portrait of a unique showman. Illustrated throughout with photographs.

Contents (Chapters from book):

1 Prologue—1885
3 Chapter 1 Beginnings
8 Chapter 2 First Shows
14 Chapter 3 Harry. Pete, and “Straight and Crooked Magic”
22 Chapter 4 Harry Bouton Becomes Frcdrik the Great
30 Chapter 5 Inez Joins the Show and Frcdrik the Great Becomes Blackstone
38 Chapter 6 The Upward Climb
44 Chapter 7 Kellar Sets the Seal
48 Chapter 8 The Big Show
53 Chapter 9 Illusions of the 1920s
61 Chapter 10 Ned Alvord and the Com Palace
69 Chapter 11 Colon and Blackstone Island
74 Chapter 12 I B M , Percy Abbott, and the Blackstone Magic Co.
79 Chapter 13 The Great Blackstone
86 Chapter 14 Illusions of the 1930s
92 Chapter 15 Three Perennials (Make That Four)
98 Chapter 16 Inez Departs, Harry Jr. Arrives
106 Chapter 17 Gorgeous Girls, Handsome Boys
114 Chapter 18 George Johnstone’s Memoir
119 Chapter 19 Pete and Millie
124 Chapter 20 Animals
130 Chapter 21 Advertising
136 Chapter 22 Advance
141 Chapter 23 Decatur Fire, Divorce, U.S.O.
151 Chapter 24 Nick Ruggiero’s Memoir—Part I
162 Chapter 25 Nick Ruggiero’s Memoir—Part II
168 Chapter 26 Final Marriage, Last Tours
175 Chapter 27 The End
176 Epilogue
185 Appendix A Blackstone Timeline
187 Appendix B Blackstone Magic Programs
191 Notes
221 Index

  • Publisher: David Meyer Magic Books
  • Pages: 230
  • Location: Glenwood, IL, USA
  • Dimensions: 6″x10″
  • Date: 1999
  • Binding: hardbound

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