The Best In Magic by Bruce Elliott

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Details:  (Werner): Illustrated by Louis Ravielli. Published in the US as The Best in Magic, in the U.K. as Magic: 100 New Tricks. From the Cover: “One of the most popular experts writing on magic today here presents over a hundred brand-new tricks. They are subtle, easy to do, and require little or no apparatus. The inventions of some of our greatest magicians, these are sleights that involve a minimum of practice but achieve a maximum of effect. Here are card tricks that are almost fool-proof, and others that require some skill and more practice. Sleights for close-up performing, where the magic takes place right under the noses of the audience, and tricks with paper-folding, an ancient art adapted to modern magic, are outlined and shown in diagrams. The author also includes tricks with coins and paper-money, rings, ropes and silks. Mr Elliott reveals how the ‘expert’ at the card table operates; and he exposes the secrets of ‘mind-reading’. The final section of the book offers several routines that incorporate a series of deceptions, particularly useful for the amateur magician who expects some time to be on stage. Sixty-eight full pages of how-to-do-it line drawings illustrate these tricks.


11 Preface

13 CHAPTER 1: Novel Effects All Designed for Close-Up Performing
13 Jim-Dandy Vanisher (Jim Shannon)
15 Pop-Off (W. Bowman)
17 A Twist Through The Wrist (John Boyko)
19 Nickel-Plated (Derek Vernon)
19 Purse (Bill Nord)
22 Rise (H. G. Frank)
23 Reunion (Don Tanner)
25 Variant (John P. Hamilton)
28 Another Rise (Carlo Rossetti)
30 Ghost Thimble (John A. M. Howie)
36 Bolt and Frame (G. Legman)
40 The Lotus (G. Legman)
42 Lotus and Bow-Tie (G. Legman)

45 CHAPTER 2: Conjuring with Coins and Paper Money
45 Penny-Tration (Harry Baker)
46 Wraparound Vanish
48 Fadeaway
50 Sitting Vanish (Bill Simon)
52 Back Palm Switch (Charles Eastman)
54 Silver-Copper (Dr. Theodore Sack)
57 Hank Dropper (E. Brian MacCarthy)
60 Reward (John A. M. Howie)
62 The Hard Way (Stewart Judah)
64 Necromancy (Derek Vernon)
66 The Rip
68 The Fold-Around
70 Perfection (H. P. Graham)

74 CHAPTER 3: The Magician Performs with Rings, Ropes, and Silks
74 Baguette (Paquette)
76 Thumb Fun (Franklin V. Taylor)
77 Brema Plus Taylor
81 Elliott on Ellis
83 Fadeaway (Dai Vernon)
86 Knots (Tony Slydini)
89 Tear It (John P. Hamilton)
91 Caught Knot (John A. M. Howie)
93 Not At All (Dr. Wiener)
95 Cut to Measure (Walter Gibson)

100 CHAPTER 4: Card Tricks that Work Themselves
100 Pay-Off (Walter Gibson)
102 Topper (Walter Gibson)
103 One Good Trick Deserves Another (Walter Gibson)
104 It Goes Double (Ted Annemann)
106 21 Plus (Shaman)
107 Discard (Jack Miller)
108 Double Stop (Franklin V. Taylor)
110 John Doe – Magician (Tommy Dowd)
110 You’re A Liar (Paul Curry)
111 Time Must Tell (Cy Endfield)
113 Hand to Hand (Martin Gardner)
114 Parallels (Roger Barkann)
116 You Do As I Do (John Scarne)
118 Card Climax (John Scarne)
118 Phone Miracle (John Scarne)
119 Best Prediction (John Scarne)
120 ‘X-Pack’ (Ed Marlo)

122 CHAPTER 5: Card Tricks that Require Some Skill
122 The Elliott Control
124 A Lesson in Magic
128 B. D. V. (Dai Vernon)
131 Daley’s Delight
134 A. P.
136 Brrrrtttt!
138 Fillip
140 Simon-Ease (Bill Simon)
142 Two Blades (Bill Simon)
143 Minicam (Bill Simon)
144 Tabled (Bill Simon)
145 Again (Bill Simon)
147 Double-Lift Deceptions (Clayton Rawson)
154 Biddled (Bill Simon)
156 The Card in the Wallet
160 Shoulder Card (Franklin V. Taylor)
161 The Card in Wallet – Again
162 Card in Mouth (Lee Noble)
163 Pocketed (Paul Curry and Bill Woodfield)
165 Clip It (Garcia)
168 Fancy Free (A. V. Walsh)

172 CHAPTER 6: The ‘Expert’ at the Card Table
172 The Slip False Cut
174 Second Deal
176 No Second Deal
178 The Easiest Bottom Deal
180 Table-Cut
183 Ten-Card Deal
186 Take Ten (John Murray)

188 CHAPTER 7: Mind Reading Is Easy
188 500 Ltd. (Greer Marechal)
192 Clip Colour (Walter Gibson)
194 Phoney (Alan Barnert)
201 Torn Centre (Paul Curry)
202 Device (Dr. Jacob Daley)
204 The Malkin (Robert Fairthorne)
206 The Chinese Parrot (Franklin V. Taylor)
208 Mortmain (Stuart Cramer)

212 CHAPTER 8: Routined for Deception
212 Out of the Smoke (Dave Spindell and Clayton Rawson)
215 Bloomin’ Silk (John P. Hamilton)
218 Jocko the Great (J. G. Thompson, Jr.)
223 Eskow’s Act

230 The Last Word

233 Index

  • Publisher: Galahad Books
  • Pages: 246
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Dimensions: 5
  • Date: 1956
  • Binding: hardbound

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