Bauer – 2008 Lecture Notes by Ron Bauer, E-GADS

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Details: Notes from “THE Underground Legend”

Did you miss getting your copy of The Ron Bauer 2008 Lecture Notes? You probably did. Fewer than a hundred were printed. And, those were only offered to attendees of the exclusive Golden Gate Gathering in San Francisco.

Now, in response to scores of requests over the last year and a half, The Ron Bauer 2008 Lecture Notes are not only available, but completely REVISED AND EXPANDED!

The thirty-two saddle-stitched pages are packed with text and illustrations divided into three parts…

Part 1: The Wrong Lecture

Essay and a list of several of the RBPS series PERFORMANCE PIECES that were either demonstrated or discussed.

Part 2: Do You Have an Act?

RB showed and explained in detail how to develop a unified ACT from FORMAT to PREMISE to PLOT OUTLINE to PERFORMANCE SCRIPT. This approach was created especially to allow the use of unrelated tricks that you already possess, and putting them together with an OPENING, a CLOSING, and TRANSITIONS, and each of these theatrical devices are explained with examples in these notes. In one afternoon you can put together such an act using The Big Bag of Tricks & The Little Black HatPREMISE (What if I could put ALL of my tricks into a BIG BAG, and have the audience choose its own show?).

Part 3: Riffle Action Palm & Two-card Turnover Technique

Detailed and illustrated instructions for two legendary masterpieces of “no-tell” sleight-of-hand, the Two-card Turnover Technique (TTT) and the Riffle Action Palm (RAP). Here are the only COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED INSTRUCTIONS for these techniques. Charlie Miller said in Genii, November, 1982, “I must confess that I never even suspected that Ron was turning over the two top cards as one…”

BONUS! The Case of the Card in the Case

A complete description and elucidation of an RB exclusive for almost half a century. It’s The Case of the Card in the Case, which he used to get the Magician in Residence job at Detroit’s Kenwood Club in 1959. His innovative approach to this effect was kept it in “the underground” until he showed it to Jack McMillen and Paul Chosse in 1989, and Paul began to spread the word. McMillen and Chosse realized that several of the secret methods he used, being highly developed substitutes for utility moves, were more extraordinary than the straightforward manner in which he produced the effect! You will, too.

Contents (from Genii’s Magicpedia):

The Wrong Lecture
4 Do You Have an Act? 
5 Background
6 Format
7 The Big Bag of Tricks & the Little Black Hat 
7 Opening
8 Establish the Continuity
8 Transition
9 Closing

10 What Tricks?
11 Magicians as Actors
12 Let’s Pretend
13 Performance Script
13 How to Make the Big Bag
14 How to Make the Slips
15 Finally… Alternative PREMISES for the FORMAT 
15 Scrapbook
15 Magic Tricks Catalog

17 Two-card Turnover Technique (TTT) 
20 The Repeat
20 The Stud
21 The Book
21 The Return

23 RAP (Riffle Action Palm) 
23 Two Tells
24 Mechanics of the Palm
27 The Riffling Element
28 Combining the Riffle with the Palm
28 Leading and Moving On
28 Some Applications for the RAP 
28 Replacement Action
28 Palm/Replacement Control
28 Overhand Shuffle Hideaway
28 The REAL Color Change

29 The Case of the Card in the Card Case

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