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Approaching Magic by David Regal

(c. 2008) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: Bills, beer, socks, envelopes, DVDs, coffee cups, baskets, boxes, borrowed rings, portable darkness, pieces of paper, paperback books, a bulletin board, a glass canister, a wand, a pencil, and a marshmallow…plus Cards & Coins.

Magic for Stand Up, Sit Down, Near and Far.

How it Works and How to Perform it.

“David Regal’s magic is just sensational, and the presentations are equally ingenious. He’s fooled me, surprised me, made me laugh, and made me wonder. Most of all, he made me wonder where all these great ideas come from. Now every magician will know. They come from this book.” – Jim Steinmeyer

“Brilliance in action, David gives you his real world – real work.” – Jeff McBride

“I have had the privilege of experiencing Davids fine performances and lectures. David has the insightful understandings of magical theories that I have heard Professor Dai Vernon preach on for years. He understands what makes for good magic.” – Richard Turner

“In the UK, ‘REGAL’ is a brand of cigarette. David’s material relates to this in two ways; It is of highest quality and it KILLS.” – R. Paul Wilson

“Very few tricks give me the feeling that ‘In Darkness’ gave me. In short it blew me away.” – Dean Dill

“The ‘One=hand Half Pass’ completely flew by me…I simply had no clue, David has given the brethren a diabolical new tool to create miracles.” – Roger Klause

“Please ignore David’s ‘Change for a five’. People feel abused and mentally violated after seeing it.” – Derek Delgaudio

“After reading three coin effects, ‘Consolidation’, ‘An Attractive Vanish’, and a ‘A Quiet Good-bye’, I can honestly say that they are stunning, cunning, and diabolical.” – Mike Gallo


1 Foreword
5 Introduction

11 A Deck of Cards
11 Flight Attendants
16 The 5280 Opener
20 Context
22 Off Beat Aces
26 Stand-Up Showdown
35 Going and Gone
42 Never There Aces
48 The Automatic Computerized Deck with Spell-Check
53 Goodwill
55 Getting to Know You
60 Hidden Powers
63 Right & Wrong
68 King Back

77 Conditions & Impact

83 Cocoa

97 Luck

111 A Hook Up
116 – Not Quite Dead
124 – The Haunted Pack

129 Remuneration
129 Visual Magic
131 Consolidation
136 An Attractive Vanish
142 A Quiet Good-Bye
147 Brass-Ackwards
154 Restored Credit
159 The Money Cup
165 Strolling Abroad
173 Laptop Printer
176 Paper Money

185 More Than a Deck of Cards
185 Illusion vs. Reality
188 Scratched
193 Ad Space
197 Character
200 The Curiously Strong Nest of Boxes
203 A Card at a Number
203 – The Fifty-Fifty Deck
207 – Doubly Stuck
209 Satan’s Sandwich
213 Sanitized for Your Deception

221 A Conversation with Armando Lucero

233 Mentalism
233 Window Replacement
238 Thinking Ahead
243 Medicinal Value
246 Will the Socks Match?
254 Equiv-O-Cash
259 One Thing Happens
261 Hotel 52
265 Simpatico
271 312
279 312.5
288 The Impossible Envelope
294 Porn in Your Pants
299 Special Bulletin
306 The Harlequin Book Test

315 Finding Moments

323 Packet Magic
323 Packet Tricks
324 Royal Jazz Quartet
329 Jewel Thief
334 – The No-Extra-Card Version
339 The Eye Exam
344 A Progressive Swindle
349 Oil Slick
356 Not My Last Trick
362 Raising Kane

369 Self-Working Magic

377 Liquid Refreshment
377 Amstel Heavy
381 A Drinking Problem 
387 The World’s Greatest Invention

399 Our Secret
399 Storytelling and Magic
400 Change For a Five 
405 Exhibit A 
409 See-Through Monte

419 Scripting
432 The Puppy Trick

445 Three-Piece Band
445 Fear
447 The Power of Love
453 A Distant Ring
461 In Darkness
467 Method and Effect

471 Sleights with Cards
471 A Control
473 A One-Hand Half Pass
473 – The One-Hand Turnover Half Pass
476 – The Toss Pass
477 – A Double Change
480 – An Isolated Change
481 – A Double Isolated Change
482 – An Oil & Water
488 The Follow the Leader Switch
490 The Galileo Switch
493 The No-Switch Switch
496 A Fan of Herrmann’s
498 Doing Nothing
498 – Ninety Degrees in the Shade
501 – Pulling a One-Eighty
503 In Conclusion

  • Publisher: David Regal
  • Pages: 506
  • Location: USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 2008
  • Binding: hardbound

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Approx. Price: $75.00 (2009) ***

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