Apocalypse: Vols: 06-10 by Harry Lorayne

(c. 1983-1987,2000) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: The Apocalypse series are bound versions of one of the top magic magazines of the 1980’s. These volumes contain tons of close up material with cards, coins, money, and various other items. Each of the volumes is highly recommended.


721 Apocalypse Vol 6 No 1 Jan 83
721 Joker In the White House (Bob McAllister): card penetrates folded bill
724 Ping less Penetrations (Mirko Ferrantini): 3 coins through the table without Han Ping Chien. Not angle proof
725 Lo and Be Holed (J.K. Hartman): A hole punched in a selected card vanishes
727 Two Ahead Matrix (Jonathan Townsend): two coins ahead matrix without extra coins.
728 The Invisible Signature (Christian Scherer): a signature vanishes from the face of a card. When the back is also signed, both signatures are visible
729 Toss Load (Robert Bengel): move to load an extra coin in an Okito box
729 Just in Case: warning about others stealing the copyrighted Melt Through effect
730 Bottomed (Larry Jennings): method for getting selection to bottom
730 Washington’s Moods (Anonymous): make Washington smile or frown
731 Ellipses… Cirocolo Amici Della Magia, Derek Dingle’s new book, Richard Kaufman and Year #1 of Apocalypse, Shigeo Takagi’s Acrobatic Monte

733 Apocalypse Vol 6 No 2 Feb 83 All Card Issue
733 Harreverse (Harry Lorayne): secretly reverse a card while another is visibly turned over
735 No Hands Smyth’s Myth (Peter Plotkin): card counting revelation with two spectators
737 Universal Chameleons (David Tropeano): a packet effect with a mirror backed card. At the end, even the backs of the cards change
738 You Can Always Do Better (Ed Marlo): Two black jacks and selected card are placed in the deck. When spread, the Jacks are face up and together. When spread again, the selection is found between the Jacks
740 Inside Out (Hippie Toralles): Two selections made. One turns face up in deck,then turns into 2nd selection
741 Serendipity (Bob Jardine): a 9 card Elmsley Count effect
742 Super Scam (Terry LaGerould): magician shows his power of quickly viewing the cards in this pseudo memory effect
743 Rearward Change (John Mueller): card handling to change a double lifted wrong selection into the right one
743 Ellipses … FISM Switzerland, Karl Fulve’s TV appearances, and traveling Europe

745 Apocalypse Vol 6 No 3 March 83
745 Dice Caper (Gerald Deutsch): dice are produced vanished, and changed in this sit down routine
748 Yet Another Card to Wallet (Tony Miller): a no-palm card steal
749 Ring True (Peter Samelson): borrowed finger ring off string
751 Incredible Table Change (Jean-Jaques Sanvert): Instant card change by waving a card fan over the tabled card
753 Inferential C/S Transposition (Curtis Kam): subtle method for copper silver transposition
754 Koin Seeled (Ben Harris): hiding a coin in plain sight
754 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Peter Marshall on Jack Birnman’s Bulls Eye.
755 Automatic Rear Jog (Ronald Lubowiecki): card move
755 Ellipses… Tannen’s 20th Jubilee, Petrick & Mia straw through card, Tahoe decks, and more

757 Apocalypse Vol 6 No 4 April 83
757 Tearable (Paul Sorrentino & Mark Lefler): a tear in a selected card moves from short side to long and back again
760 Hook or Crook (John Blake): vanish of hoo coin
761 No Special Favorites (Juan Tamariz): a card story
763 What? A Knot? (Tom Craven): vanishing a know: gimmick rope using solder
764 Impromptu Reverse Matrix (Paviato Aurelio): coins & cards
765 Simple Four Ace Triumph (Mike Bornstein): uses push through riffle shuffle
767 Apocalypse Variations of Additions: Sid Lorraine ending to Reinhard Stuttman’s Chinese Numbers
767 Editorial: on submissions and rejected items, the memory act stolen

769 Apocalypse Vol 6 No 5 May 83
769 Tidal Wave (Harry Lorayne, Ken Krenzel): Impromptu Brainwave effect with cards (long, lots of ideas)
772 Flip Side Up (Sol Stone): silver coin changes to copper and back again
773 Double and a Half (Doty): show two top cards to “prove” selected card is not on top
775 Open Okito Load (Robert Bengel): move to show Okito box empty while actually loading it
775 Shooting Card (Jeff McBride): card shoots out of the deck, spinning
777 Fourth Dimensional Trip (Jonathan Townsend): four coins pass through a metal container and the table one at a time (shell)
778 Flustered (Eddy Taytelbaum): make four cards look like the same card
770 Editorial: foreword to the Magic Book reprinted

781 Apocalypse Vol 6 No 6 June 83
781 Killer Triumph FMO (Bob Hirsch): Triumph variation for Magicians Only, though Harry feels it is a killer for laymen, too. Rough & Smooth
783 Barehand Spellbound (Ben Harris): one hand copper to silver change
784 Seven Layer One Hand Cut (Felix Greenfield): one hand deck cut
785 Back In the Box (Mark Lefler): Okito box routine utilizing a black close up pad, a shot glass, and some black art technique
787 Gem False Count (Harry Lorayne): count packet one less than the actual number
789 Spellbound Move #836 (Bruce Berkowitz): another in the hands coin change
790 Abacus III (Charles Hudson): another version of Goldstein’s Abacus card effect
791 Grand Opening (Larry Becker): A card with a picture of a knife is used o stab the pack in a card case. The card is found next to the selection.
792 Out to Lunch (editorial): the Radar Pencil con

793 Apocalypse Vol 6 No 7 July 83
793 Check Out Time (David Ben): Instead of vanishing the spectator’s check, you do “split it” too many times and then restore it.
795 Card from Bill Switch (Bruce Ikefugi): card is changed while being pulled from a bill. Requires lapping.
797 Hyper Twist (Richard Vollmer): twisting the Aces with a few added climaxes
799 Silver Shot (Scott Weiser): four coins appear under a shot glass
800 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Dan Garrett variation of Han van Senus’ Un Safety Pins
801 What Happened? (Salomon Cohn): clean coin vanish from a table top
801 Instant Table Penetration (Jonathan Townsend): single coin through table using above principle
802 Cane and Able (Bob Friedhoffer): flaming cane to silk for stage
803 Ellipses…imagination, Incredible Table Change credits, The Magic Book in paperback, Steve Dushek, Card Classics of Ken Krenzel, and more

805 Apocalypse Vol 6 No 8 Aug 83
805 Really Wild Jokers (Peter Marshall): Wild Card routine
807 Bill Steal (John Mueller): stealing back a bill while counting change
808 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Hippie Torrales’ Inside Out
809 Down And Out Force (Tony Miller): in the hands hand to hand spread force
810 Out and Down Force (Len Hollyman): similar to above
810 Fee Fi Fo Fum (Henry Mayol): two giant sponge ball stunners
812 Fair Row Faro (Allan Slaight): a freely selected card is used as a face up locator using value & suit to count and spell to two cards
813 Spellbound Addition (Robert Bengel): a clean coin change for a Spellbound routine
814 Display Finesse (Petrick): a finesse to display four cards, such as at the end of a Four Ace routine
814 High Protean (Phil Goldstein): An Ace and Joker packet effect with changing faces and backs
815 Overhand Shuffle Mental Force (Tom Potente): Spectator thinks of a card as deck is overhand shuffled toward him. Magician finds the card
816 Editorial: about selecting items to include in Apocalypse

817 Apocalypse Vol 6 No 9 Sept 1983 
817 All In Air Endless Loop (Robert L. Brooks): An in the air in the hands Loopy Loop or Endless Chain routine
820 Rembrandt Aces (Douglas A. Wicks): The Aces are “painted” to the close up mat
821 Paint On Aces (Mike Bornstein): similar to above, with a different control of the Aces
822 Running Force (Mike Bornstein): table running cut force, similar to Hindu Shuffle force
823 Top Billing (Paul Cummins): a matrix type effect with coins and bills for table hopping
824 Second Billing (Cummins): “magician’s version”
825 Travel Agent (Doc Valles): Open Travelers card effect
826 The Purloined Ring (Meir Yedid): hiding a finger ring in plain sight
827 Ennoid (Oscar Weigle): Ace to Five changes to Five to Ace (quickie)
827 Ellipses…Cruise ships

829 Apocalypse Vol 6 No 10 Oct 1983
829 Unique (Roy Vasquez): selected card rises or jumps from the card case
831 Modified Tourniquet Vanish/Change (Paul Belanger): coin vanish or change
833 Multiple Control, Inc. (Robert Gardner): Multiple card control
834 Four the Hard Way (Russ Burns): 4 quarters gather under a matchbook
837 Revelation Station (Bob Huebert): Instant flourishy card revelation from a card fan
838 Pencil In Buttonhole Method (Anonymous): pencil in buttonhole without the jacket
839 A Rise (Joe Safuto): pinky card rise
839 A Lorayne Storm: jog shuffle tip
840 Ellipses…Lorayne School of Memory, how to keep your cards flat, Eddie Fechter’s Brainwave deck

841 Apocalypse Vol 6 No 11 Nov 1983
841 Flash Coins (Michael Ammar): performer removes flame from lighter and turns it into a coin
843 Harry and Bess (Virgil McDonagh): Metamorphosis with cards
844 Substitution Solution (Michael Farmer): similar to above
846 The Ultimate Billet (Millard Longman): impromptu billet reading
847 Ultra C/S Transposition (Michael Gerhardt): commercial copper silver transposition with Chinese coin and half; requires solid & hole Chinese coin and solid and hole half
849 Who Could Ask for Anything More? (Tony Miller): easy imperceptible ribbon spread force
850 Just a Count (Hippie Torrales): a false count like a reverse Elmsley
852 Editorial: impromptu and where to draw the line
853 Thimble Opening (Peter Samelson): single thimble production and vanish sequence with a close up pad performed standing. The close up pad is shown front and back and the hands seen empty. A thimble appears in the middle of the pad. Performer now does some various thimble moves (not described) and finally the thimble vanishes again. The pad is displayed once more, and a thimble is produced from underneath the pad.
856 The Magic Six (Ron Ferris): The New Math taught with the Ace through Six in this Ambitious Card type routine
857 International Reverse Matrix (Ray Mertz): Reverse matrix using 4 different coins (shell)
858 Drop Count Revelation (Tom Craven): a counting revelation utilizing the faro shuffle (need not be perfect)
860 A Pinch of Salt (Tim Wenk): a quickie for the dinner table: loading a coin secretly under salt shaker
860 The LT Count (Larry Taylor): False count of 4 as 4
862 Cop A Silver (Zalman Puchoff): 4 half dollars hand to hand
864 Ellipses… more on Tidal Wave. and credits

865 Apocalypse Vol 7 No 1 Jan 1984
865 Order Restored (J.K. Hartman): Ace to 10 of diamonds are mixed in the deck. When spread, the cards are in order. 2 methods: 1 gaffed
868 In De Pendant (Tony Miller): finger ring off chain (with a pendant)
870 Getting Across (Larry Jennings): stealing 3 cards from one packet to another (not a full routine)
871 Way Ahead Coin Assembly (Edward Marlo): coin and card assembly using a two coin pinch
873 Disarming Hide Out (Martin Nash): flourishy steal and replacement to control cards
874 New Easy Ring Load (Tom Craven): secret loading for finger ring on wand
875 Money Is Time (Herve Pigny): after an Okito box routine, the box penetrates up through the table, but only the coin makes it. Suddenly the coin vanishes and the box is filled with pieces of a watch. The watch case is filled with the coin!
875 Out to Lunch: Svengali pitch and being conned by Harriet

877 Apocalypse Vol 7 No 2 Feb 1984 Special All Card Issue
877 Direct Collect (Jim Molinari): Collectors card theme
879 Another Rising Card (John M. Bauman): uses a gimmick, but a cheap one that can be easily added to a borrowed deck
880 False Count Practice (Harry Lorayne): quick four card routine provides great practice for Elmsley & Jordan counts
881 Two 4 Ace Revelations (Dominique Giraud): A fast rhythmic one at a time display then an all at once display
883 Four Parts Oil (Ernst Pancrazi): oil and water card routine
884 Choice Sandwich (Justin Branch): Kings when placed in the deck turn face up and capture the selection. The color of Kings to use is selected by the spectator
886 Pretense (Phil Goldstein): expert climax for the Ten Card Deal
887 Bottom Deal Dodge (Alan Hayden): 4 Aces placed on bottom and cleanly dealt from the top in this comedy gambling demo
888 Ellipses… Best of Friends volume II, credit, 21st Annual Tannen Jubilee

889 Apocalypse Vol 7 No 3 March 1984
889 Hoo Dunnit? (William Morales): One at a time coins to glass with four coins (one a hoo coin)
891 Flushed Collectors (Murray Bonfeld): collectors card effect around a gambling theme
893 Hidden (Okito) Pathways (Jeff Moche): Three ideas for loading an Okito box
894 Lake Tahoe Wild Cards (Louis Falanga): Four blue backed Jokers change to four red backed Ace of Spades. Good false count routine
896 French Take (Michael Rubinstein): a false take for more than one coin, similar to a French Drop
897 Stab ility (Robert Gardner): Interesting card stab
898 Snap Aces Out Again (Paul L. Smith): simplified version of Jean-Jacques Sanvert’s Snap Aces Out four Ace revelation
899 Hine Hue Control (Ron Ferris): red black shuffle card control
899 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Non Faro Faro tip
900 Ellipses… problems with endorsements

901 Apocalypse Vol 7 No 4 April 1984
901 Thread Bare (Henry Mayol): broken & restored thread with good presentation and stunning ending
904 Matrix Surprise (Tim Wright): matrix card and coins with Jumbo coin climax
905 Solo Change (Don England): card is shown, turned down and up, and becomes a different card while away from the deck
906 Hippity Cop: copper silver version of Gadabout coins from Bobo’s
908 Straight Slam Straight Prediction (Doug Canning Tom Craven): another version of Grand Slam card routine based on Gilbreath’s 2nd principle
909 Sponge Away (Joe Safuto): sponge ball acquitment
910 Jacks Down Under (Richard Vollmer): Two red Jacks sandwich selection after a failure
911 Editorial: choosing between items for Apocalypse and Best of Friends II, cost of magic books, 

913 Apocalypse Vol 7 No 5 May 1984
913 Hit the Ceiling! (Jay Bedsworth): card on the ceiling effect, with the cards in the case!
915 All Good Things (Jack Mitzman): rope & silk release
917 Ambition for Two (Ascanio): ambitious card handling for two cards
919 Too Late! (Bob King): Four Aces are removed from the deck and 4 cards are dealt. They are the 4 Aces! The packet on the table is turned over to show the card in view isn’t an Ace
920 Change All (Jeff Altman): Four card with red backs are shown. One by one they turn blue.
921 Shake and Fake (Kent Boklan): Okito box move to load or remove a coin
922 Harry Lorayne and the marketing of The Invisible Deck
923 Complete Overhand False Shuffle (Pascal Monmoine): a good complete deck overhand shuffle
923 Ellipses….Trip to England, Newman Rings, saving stamps, Acrobatic Monte and Jeff Busby.

925 Apocalypse Vol 7 No 6 June 1984
925 Spots New?! (Harry Lorayne): business card initials move around, then the card self prints!
928 Hofzinser Triumphs! (David Tropeano): impromptu 4 Ace effect with multiple surprises
929 Making Change Backward (Mike Gallo): any time any where coin through the hand with a change ending
931 Jokers All (Mike Maxwell): Four Jokers printed on both sides get red backs and the all different backs!
932 Line of Sight Cigarette Vanish (David Harris): bare hand no sleeve cigarette vanish
933 Spinning Heal (Lenny Greenfader/Dr. Den Louis): torn and restored playing card
934 Fifth Twist (Mirko Ferrantini): Twisting the Aces variation with kicker
935 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: J.K. Hartman Down and Out Force
935 Out to Lunch: More on Harriet’s con

937 Apocalypse Vol 7 No 7 July 1984
937 Challenge for Two (Mark Lefler): borrowed finger ring off chain (must be a chain)
940 Clipped Again (Sol Stone): Trevor Lewis Monte Plus, Ken Krenzel addition, and now Sol Stone’s addition
941 Quick Silver (Edward Marlo): Examined English Pennies change to Silver dollars one at a time with a coins through table sequence
943 More False Count Practice (Jonathan Townsend): another packet effect
944 Knot Addition (Jim Laconte): cut and restored shoelace (TT)
945 For Four Backs (Ted Biet): Four blue backs turn to four red backs, no extra cards
946 Sans Thumbtip (Mike Bornstein): A dollar is rolled up and through the tube a playing card can be seen. Salt is next poured into the tube. When the tube is lifted from the card, the salt does not pour out. No TT.
947 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Ben Harris on Kenobi Reversal (a sandwich idea using this move)
947 Ellipses…Mostly Magic in NY, lecture at Philadelphia Magic Co., Jeff Altman in NJ, and more.

949 Apocalypse Vol 7 No 8 Aug 1984
949 IncrediChange (Lubor Fielder): A packet of blue backed cards is riffled and spectator says stop! The chard is shown in the packed, and then the packet is squared up. Suddenly the top card becomes red backed, all the cards are red backed, and when spread, the selected card is gone
951 Cigarette from Thimble (Peter Samelson): next part of Peter’s Thimble Opening. 
953 Apex Cardcase Color Change (Paul Sorrentino): Case changes color in midair and deck inside the case changes color to match!
954 A C/S Subtlety (Jeff Moche): Copper Silver idea
955 Thinking Man’s Poker (Randy Tanner): mental poker with a stay stack setup
956 Pinch Knot (Tony Lopilato): a false knot and handling of finger ring off rope
957 Thinking Man’s Do As I Do (Greg Miller): Spectator and magician each select card. Cards are exchanged and placed in the others half of the deck. Deck is shuffled as a whole and cut again. Spec and Magician remove all cards of same value as selected: all cards are same denomination
958 No Magnet Chop Cup Routine (Bill Brodersen): a one cup and ball routine. Ball is placed in cup and shaken. Ball is removed, vanishes, and is found in the cup. This is repeated, but ball is placed in the pocket. The ball travels from the pocket to the cup. Again the ball vanishes and is found under the cup. The ball penetrates the bottom of the cup, both ways! Finale is the relation of two large balls in the cup
960 Small Perplexities of Life: tidbits

961 Apocalypse Vol 7 No 9 Sept 1984
961 Coffee & Dough (Curtis Kam): One cup routine with dollars. Coffee cup and dollar is borrowed. Dollar is ripped in half to make 2 “balls”. Now, perform a short routine (not described). Finish with 2 bills on top of inverted cup. Bills are taken and one half ball vanishes and is found under the cup. Spectator holds other half ball under his finger. Half under the cup is placed in the pocket, and again appears under the cup. Again the half is put in the pocket, but fails to appear under the cup. Instead the half bill under the spectator’s finger is found whole! Finally, a lemon is found in the cup.
963 Audacity Based (David Regal): card effect based on a reversed deck: one with hearts and diamonds in black and spades and clubs in red.
964 Plausible Possibility (Paul Cummins): Stop card effect, spectator finds his own card
965 Knot Again (Karl Norman): good handling of a false knot using silks
967 RG Location (Richard Goldshot): card location using crimps and a perfect faro
968 No Looking Goody Goody (Richard Goldshot): variation of JK Hartman’s Goody Two Choose using above location
968 Cant Lose Belt Loop (Bobby Bernard): an ending for loopy loop, endless chain; Robert Brooks’ All In Air Endless Loop
969 A Lorayne Storm: Harry’s initials as a card prediction
970 Reds and Backs (Bob King): odd backed Ace assembly
972 How many F’s (Robert L. Brooks): Puzzle
972 Ellipses…a night in NY, stealing experiences, truth in advertising, Pete Biro

973 Apocalypse Vol 7 No 10 Oct 1984
973 Topological Connection Climax (Ben Harris): small card “frames” (from a linking card effect done with a tiny deck; not explained) are stretched into large card frames and can be examined
976 Switch and Deck Vanish (Jean-Jacques Sanvert): seated packet switch or deck vanish
977 O Pen Sez A Me (Thursday Night Group): signed bill ends up inside the pen used to sign the bill
979 Sequential Open Travelers (Mirko Ferrantini): Open traveler’s theme
980 Change of a Haf (Bruce Berkowitz): Half is extracted from a dollar and then wrapped in the dollar where it turns into a silver dollar
982 A Very Nice Triumph Effect (Mitchell Silverman): a Triumph card variation
983 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Michael Louis on Darwin Ortiz’ Back Off
983 Ellipses…more on Willie Schneider, Bob Melvin on performers

985 Apocalypse Vol 7 No 11 Nov 1984
985 The Leeds Miracle (Barry Stevenson): Deck is fanned and one card removed. Spectator names a cards: The selection is not the the card because they are all blank. Card is inserted partway into the deck, and ends up becoming the spectator’s selection though all the cards are blank
988 One Card Add On (Warren Stephens): adding one card to the bottom of a packet
989 Back Handed (John Bauman): three coins penetrate the back of the hand one at a time
990 Twist and Show (Walt Maddison): Five double backed cards are shown. They then develop faces. Finally, the faces become blank!
993 Say Go (Joe Safuto): vanish and reproduction of a coin using classic palm
994 Point the Way (Meir Yedid): Card is selected and lost in the deck. Deck is spread, and the back design forms an arrow pointing to an odd backed card: the selection
994 Prost! (Magic Christian): When you make a toast, the bottom of your glass falls off but is put back on. 
996 Ellipses…Randy Tanner’s Thinking Man’s Poker similar to Ken Krenzel’s Mental Matrix; trip to Europe

997 Apocalypse Vol 7 No 12 Dec 1984
997 The French Flop (John V. Hope): coin flies into a glass through the solid bottom
999 Charlier Style Reversal (Leslie A LeViness): Charlier cut control to reverse a card during the cut
1000 A Charlier Cut Control (Jim Patton): keep a card on the bottom during the cut
1001 Instant 2 Coin Vanish (Howard Cohen & Marty Martin): simultaneous vanish of two coins, one from each hand (lapping)
1002 Third Wave (Allan Slaight): 3 phase mental routine with cards
1004 Cups and Balls Minus One (Milton): 3 cups and 3 balls routine performed at a fairly rapid pace
1005 A Very Pretty Force (Edgar Peters): a card stab force
1006 Some Ace Sault (Justin Higham): Aces turn face up and down in this magical card effect
1007 Out to Lunch…run ins with “the boys”
1008 Ellipses…Apocalypse’s 8th year, Tidal Wave, street pushups

1009 Apocalypse Vol 8 No 1 Jan 1985
1009 Silknot (Karrell Fox): best simple false silk knot
1011 Trite But All Right (Edward Marlo): Four red face cards are shown and their backs.They turn into black face cards and are tossed for examination
1013 Flip Side Split (Sol Stone): pseudo expose section for use in a copper silver coin routine
1014 Boggle Switch (J.K. Hartman): A holiday theme packet effect combining Marlo’s Quick 3 Way and Phil Goldstein’s twisting the Aces type “Exitwist” routine
1015 Oil and Kings (Stephen Tucker): another takeoff on Walton’s Oil and Queens
1016 Cheap Way Cop/Sil/Brass (Tony Miller): Uses only 1 c/s coin along with normal coins
1018 TNTWO (Phil Goldstein): performer cuts to two Kings, which are used to sandwich first one, then the other red Ace. The Kings then change into the Black Aces
1020 Ellipses…Robert Lorayne’s illustrations, Dick Cavett, Tannen’s Jubilee

1021 Apocalypse Vol 8 No 2 Feb 85 Special All Card Issue
1021 Perfect Penetration (David Regal): signed selection is sandwiched between two Jokers and visibly penetrates the lower Joker twice.
1024 Flash Surprise (Willie Schneider): Five Ace of Spades are shown and one is tabled. A previously tabled card is shown to be blank, and is placed with the Aces. Finally, all the cards become blank
1025 The Lady Vanishes (Richard Vollmer): variation of Ziegler’s Layla card effect, simplified
1026 Psy Cross Force (Gianni Mattiolo): variation of criss cross force, no sleights needed, can be performed in the hand
1027 Double Cut Substitute (Walter Cummings): flourishy control cut to bring bottom card to top and rest of deck order intact
1028 Double Pancake Revelation (J. Gordon O’Genski): double card revelation incorporating a unique flip of the deck
1030 Ladykiller (Ron Ferris): Impromptu close up sawing a woman in half using a deck of cards and the case, though you lose three Queens and a card case at each performance!
1031 The Perils of Jack (Hippie Torrales): a card sequence story
1032 Ellipses…Close Up Card Magic and copyrights, info on Quantum Leaps

1033 Apocalypse Vol 8 No 3 March 85
1033 Pursonality (Shigeo Takagi): coin and purse routine performed on a close up pad.
1036 Dealing Position Spinout (Tom Mullica): spinning the top card with no get ready
1036 Point In Case (Robert Bengal): signed card to cardcase with no direct handling of the case
1038 The Invisible Hole (Yoshio Hirose): Pencil through bill and paper, but bill has no hole in it!
1039 Twinkling Change (Jeff McBride): fast, difficult, visual card change
1040 Cased Deck Penetration (Mike Bornstein): signed card penetrates the deck and the cardcase, uses a gimmicked case
1042 Double Chameleon (Richard Vollmer): Three blue backed Jokers change to three red backed Kings of Clubs. Elmsley Count packet effect
1043 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: J.K. Hartman on Don England’s Stretching
1043 Ellipses…Johnathan Neal Brown two linking rings, Witchdoctor’s club By-laws

1045 Apocalypse Vol 8 No 4 April 85
1045 Linking Ring Spin Flourish (Tony Lopilato): a ring spins magically between your hands, can become part of any linking ring routine
1047 Not Marked! (Walt Maddison): Packet routine using Walt’s Twist and Show sequence
1049 Enlarged Hartman (Charles M. Hudson): variation of Hartman’s Order Restored; requires perfect straddle faro with a 53 card deck
1050 How Sweet It Is! (David Ben): borrowed and signed bill is destroyed and is found in a sealed sugar packet
1052 So Simple So Good (Ian Baxter): variation of Lynn Searles’ So Simple card force
1053 Past Bending (Doug Edwards): comedy effect: a spoon is bent so far it breaks (there is no restoration! don’t do this with borrowed silver!)
1054 Flip Out (Steve Rogers): a flourishy revelation or a card changes apparently in mid air
1055 Masquerade (Ben Harris): a flash revelation of a card in a coin. Uses flash paper and a Card Coin.
1056 Out to Lunch: a door to door magazine sales pitch

1057 Apocalypse Vol 8 No 5 May 1985
1057 Scat (Greg Eanes): Super Coins Across Table. Expanded shell and one behind principle
1060 Miniature Mindreading Miracle (Mike Bornstein): To reveal the selection a card is shown: wrong one. The card changes to another card: wrong one. The card then changes to a miniature deck (Brainwave deck) which is opened to reveal the selection reversed in the pack.
1061 Top Down Table Cut (Larry Taylor): Tabled cut of the deck brings top card to the bottom with the rest of the deck intact
1062 An Okito Box Turnover (Jeff Moche): a secret box turnover
1063 Triple Sec (Jeff Altman): using Ed Marlo’s Cover Up Cut for an instant reversal of a selected card
1064 Watch the Bill/Cup (Gerald Deutsch): A one cup and dollar bill routine with a watch final load. Impromptu dinner trick!
1065 I Predict (Jim Molinari): Magician openly reverses one card which predicts the position of a freely selected card
1066 Ambitious Blacks (Roxy): four black and four red cards shown. A black placed among the reds magically jumps to the top; this is repeated 3 more times
1068 Ellipses…air mail rates, Mike Bornstein wristwatch effect recommendation

1069 Apocalypse Vol 8 No 6 June 1985
1069 Quick Warp (Jay Marshall): a Roy Walton Card Warp variation using a card and a bill (shorter than Starwarp)
1071 No Lap Kick Switch (Bernard Bilis): variation of Marlo’s kick switch to exchange a single or small packet of cards with no lapping
1072 Sweet and Low (Sol Stone): two methods for marked quarter in sugar pack; one is completely impromptu
1073 Two Elmsley Count Variations (Eddy Taytelbaum): First variation is it appears four cards are turned face up and face down, all end up face down. 2nd hides the 2nd card rather than the 3rd.
1074 The Heat Is On (Robert Bengel): no extra coin matrix with good first coin steal
1075 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Magic Christian on Richard Goldsot’s RG Location and No Looking Goody Goody
1076 Steal Ring (Fred C. Baumann): borrowed finger ring off rope
1077 Open Travelers & Co. (Hippie Torrales): assembly type Open Travelers card effect
1079 Ellipses… Others following on the Super Power Memory success; gimmicking a deck while still in the case

1081 Apocalypse Vol 8 No 7 July 1985
1081 Matrix Intro (Paul L. Smith): magical production of 4 coins from the cards to be used as an intro to a coin & card matrix.
1083 Oil and Water Supreme (John McClure): an oil and water card effect utilizing different colored backs as well
1085 Supreme Oil and Water (Mike Bornstein): similar to above, good for comparison
1087 Opening Okito (David Regal): an Okito box routine incorporating a plug box
1088 Slow Motion Oil and Water (Jim Swain): based on a Stewart James effect and Roy Walton’s Qil and Queens
1089 Closing Okito (David Regal): At the end of an Okito routine, the box penetrates the hand leaving the coins
1090 An Instant Card(s) Vanish (Seth Kramer): a card or cards vanish as you hand them to the spectator
1091 Ellipses…addenda to John McClure’s routine, using Dual Control for Lopilato’s Linking Ring Spin Flourish, more on stealing, pancake flip, more on Tidal Wave, a couple corrections on Deutsch’s Bill & Cup routine

1093 Apocalypse Vol 8 No 8 Aug 1985
1093 Business Card Production (Michael Rubinstein): blank business cards appear with your information on them. Uses plastic wallet
1095 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Lenny Greenfader on Yoshio Hirose’s Invisible Hole
1096 Wilder Cards (Shigeo Takagi): a 7 card Wild Card theme
1098 Double the Tip (Bob Friedhoffer): ideas for using TWO TT’s on one thumb
1100 Untilt (Father Cyprian): Card lost in center of deck ends up 2nd or 3rd from top
1101 Empty Handed (Mark Lefler): a half dollar is grabbed from the air with the apparently empty hand
1101 Thanks to JH (JC Doty): signed selection is placed between four Aces. A prediction card has been on the table face down. Selection vanishes, and becomes the prediction card
1103 Wild! (Keith Breen): double color changing deck/card routine (performed seated)
1104 Ellipses…info on Best of Friends Vol II

1105 Apocalypse Vol 8 No 9 Sept 85
1105 Two Timing Transpo (Sol Stone): an in the hands copper silver coin change routine with non gimmicked coins
1108 Slop Shuffle Roll Over (Ray Mertz): 4 Aces lost in deck. Deck mixed face up and face down. Deck is rolled 4 times, each time resulting in an Ace o the table. At end, all cards are facing the same way
1109 All’s Fair (Mike Maxwell): Three selections are lost in the deck. Three aces are inserted by the Spectator into the deck, locating the three selections
1110 The Missing Link (John M. Bauman): Three chain links are shown. Two are in the hand, one in the pocket. The three links are back together. Again, two are in the hand, one in the pocket. Now the three are linked! The audience wants to know how it is done, so it is shown how the middle link can open: it is now a padlock!
1111 Take Leave (Jack Carpenter): Card is selected and returned to deck. Shown not on top nor on bottom. Aces are held in packet and waved over the deck. Suddenly they vanish and become the selection
1113 Any Coin Go (Mitchell Silverman): simple coin vanish: hidden lapping
1114 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Gary Plants on Greg Eanes’ SCAT
1114 Litmus Aces (Justin Higham): Ace assembly happens twice, once in the cardcase
1115 Ellipses…complaints about not making a 100 Books list, Penn & Teller, Bobo’s Invisible Deck, and more

1117 Apocalypse Vol 8 No 10 Oct 1985
1117 Bill Matrix (Robert Bengel): a matrix with bills and coins good for table hopping and a large coin climax
1119 More Monte (Bob Kubota): another good 3 card Monte, using only 3 cards
1121 Surfer Sandwich (Jon Racherbaumer): visual catch of the selected card between two mates
1122 No Visible Means of Support (Doc Valles): a Dual Control utility without a jacket
1123 Match Made In Heaven (Jeff Czerbinski): perfection Do as I Do using the Curry Turnover Change
1125 Another Tenkai (Joe Safuto): same effect as the Tenkai 2 penny effect; will require practice
1126 Instant Sedaps (Richard Vollmer): magical reversal of a 5 card straight
1127 Royal Error (Marvin Steiner): Four Aces are shown, but there appears to be two Ace of Clubs. Aces are shown again, and dealt to the table, along with one more card. Hand becomes a Royal Flush
1128 Out to Lunch: more European trip

1129 Apocalypse Vol 8 No 11 Nov 85
1129 Fastest Trick In the Universe (Bob McAllister): a playing card turns itself inside out with the help of a dollar bill
1132 Smart Scissors (Dick Koornwinder): A pair of scissors is used to stab the deck and pulls out the selected card
1133 Key Bender (Bob King): secretly bending a key
1135 Illogical Shuffle (Gianni Mattiolo): flourishy two handed cut
1136 Enlarged Invisible Hole (Mike Bornstein): A coin visibly penetrates a $1 bill. 
1137 Transequential (Dick Christain): 4 blanks are printed to become A, 2, 3, and 4 of Spades, then those pips are transferred one at a time to other blank cards
1139 Ellipses…credit for card clip coin steal in Bengel’s Heat Is On. Racherbaumer idea on Sol Stone’s Sweet and Low, John Scarne’s death, ripoff of Himber’s Bill fooled

1141 Apocalypse Vol 8 No 12 Dec 85
1141 Clearly Impossible (David Regal): 4 coin one at a time through the table, but the coins can be seen through a glass
1144 Packet Palm (Tonny Van Rhee): palm off of one card from a packet
1146 Two Cut Deeper Forces (John Quine): two more methods
1147 Double Take Coins (Howard Cohen): 6,coin production from the hands
1148 Deck Patrol (Richard Goldshot): variation of Richard’s RG Location and No Looking Goody Goody card effects
1149 A Whole Lot of Money (Ken Klosterman): Production of one Ace at a time plus the loading of a coin under each and a final climax load
1151 X To See (Ron Ferris): A card with an X is found in the middle of the deck. Deck is cut into 3 piles, two are shuffled, one is handed for a selection to be made. The deck is reassembled and the X card locates the selection. The top card of the resulting 4 packets become Aces. Finally, the deck is assembled, and half the deck is red and half is black
1151 Ellipses…end of year message

1153 Apocalypse Vol 9 No 1 Jan 86
1153 The Stunning Jumping Jack (Doug Edwards): Gaffed card effect: spectator picks a card in a riffle. The deck is riffled again, and the selection pops out, face up in the face down pack. The pack is turned face up and spread, and the Jack is now face up, too. JH is now pushed out of the deck. Deck is turned over and spread out, showing all blue backs. Tabled Jack is turned over to show a red back
1155 Can’t Be Done (Larry Jennings): mathematical card stunner
1156 Down and Out Bill Switch (Jay Marshall): a no TT bill switch in the hands
1158 Rise Guys (J.K. Hartman): a plunger type rising card
1159 Raised Assembly (Edward Marlo): a coin assembly using the hands (chink a chink). 
1160 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Bruce Burrell on Curtis Kam’s Inferential C/S Transposition
1161 See Through Prediction (Tony Miller): Platform or close up. Signed card appears in a plastic bag, no palming,
1162 No Reel Silk Through (Shigeo Takagi): silk through rope
1163 Twist Till Red (Jimmy Vines): an Elmsley count packet routine
1164 Ellipses…credit corrections, Slydini’s Linking Pin

1165 Apocalypse Vol 9 No 2 Feb 86 Special All Card Issue
1165 The Count of Mountie Crystal (Harry Lorayne): variations on various card counts
1168 Triumphant Waterfall (Steve Conner): flourishy face up face down interlude
1169 Follow the Leader Updated (Gerald Deutsch/Peter Marshall): updated version of Follow the Leader card effect
1171 Safety Deposit Box (Jonathan Townsend): magician’s card and spectators card exchange places in a card case. Includes Triple False Cut to the table
1172 Sign as I Sign (Barry Stevenson): You do as I do card effect; requires preparation
1174 In Hand Transposition (Don England): card move
1174 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Ben Harris on Ernst Pancrazi’s Four Parts Oil
1175 Impromptu Wild Card Variation (Millard Longman): easier method for Townsend’s Impromptu Wild Card
1175 Ellipses…various bits

1177 Apocalypse Vol 9 No 3 March 86
1177 Really Clean Coin Vanish (Jeff Moche): coin vanish using a handkerchief
1179 The Missing Middle (Steven Cohen): the middle print of a card vanishes
1181 Overtwist Minor (Paul Cummins): A Twisting card effect. 4 Queens shown, another card selected. Queen packet is displayed, and one card keeps turning upside down. The Queens are eliminated 1 by 1 until only 1 remains, but it is not the Queen, it is the selection
1182 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Scotty York on Marving Steiner’s Royal Error
1183 STC Lapping Technique (Michael Rubinstein): simultaneous and silent lapping of two coins
1183 The Jewelry Box (David Regal): threaded finger ring in card case
1185 Twist on Winged Silver (Bruce Berkowitz): variation on Bobo’s Winged Silver coin routine. 4 half dollars travel to Okito box one at a time
1186 Apex Escape (Robert Gardner): 2 or 3 cards are selected and placed in the deck in the cardcase, where they vanish
1187 Editorial: Penn & Teller

1189 Apocalypse Vol 9 No 4 April 86
1189 The Outsider Walt Maddison): packet effect using Walt’s twist and show
1191 Divided Reverse Matrix (Mie Gallo): Uses only 2 cards and 2 positions for the coins to travel. Clean at the end.
1193 Ghost Knots (Tony Lopilato): Sliding knot effect in a rope. Teaches a one handed false knot
1195 Double Triumph (Dan Tong): a basic Triumph effect on two selected cards
1196 Only George Knows (Michael DeMarco): Impromptu pencil through bill
1198 The Buffalo Cornstack (Allan Hayden): performer “memorizes” card positions and deals 5 poker hands: one with 4 Aces!
1199 Ellipses…credits, video taping performances, the forward or foreword, letters

1201 Apocalypse Vol 9 No 5 May 86
1201 Convenient Collectors (Hippie Torrales): an easy to do 4 Ace collector routine
1203 It’s All an Illusion (Kevin Moran): version of Bobo’s Presto Chango with a C/S, Half, & English Penny with a nice coin switch
1204 Gradational Poker Demonstration (Fantomas): poker deal using setup deck
1205 Pre Poker Match (Fantomas): You Do As I Do routine used as prelude to above (not Poker related)
1206 The Subliminal Switch (N. Kuronuma): ball switch good for the Bounce No Bounce balls 
1207 Invisible Triumph (Robert D. Michaels): Triumph done twice: once with selection, once with mental selection
1210 Impromptu Miniature Ring & Coil (Jack Chanin): Ring and Spring using a paperclip and pen spring
1211 Glamour Ace (Ron Ferris): Four indicator cards are dealt to the table in 3 packets. Spectator splits rest of deck into 3 packets and places them near the tabled cards. He then selects a card from each packet and inserts the cards under the indicator cards, face up. All the packets are now mixed face up and face down and the cards spread. All the cards are correct except the 4 Aces. with the selections among them!
1211 Editorial: article on Lorayne by Dennis Marks

1213 Apocalypse Vol 9 No 6 June 86
1213 Too Much is Two Much! (Benard Bilis): 2 selections are lost in the deck. Rubber band is wrapped around the deck. Bottom card changes to selection. Rubber band vanishes, and is found wrapped around 2nd selection.
1215 Best Ball Retention Pass (Jonathan Townsend): good false pass with retention of vision for small balls
1216 Alluvium Deposit (Mitchell Silverman): a sandwich with selected card between changes to 4 Aces; the sandwich is found in the middle of the deck
1217 Alluvium Deposit #2 (Salomon Cohn): impromptu method
1218 Alluvium Deposit #3 (Harry Lorayne): one more version
1219 It’s a Kick! (Doug Edwards): three coins and a smooth surface. Coins across on the table 
1220 The Little Fooler (Fred C Baumann): coin instantly & visibly penetrates a playing card.
1221 Center Tear Substitute (Kingdon Lieberman): a message on the back of a business card is mind read even though enclosed in a dollar bill
1223 Open Choice (Bob King): card prediction effect using Mexican Turnover
1224 Out to Lunch: Harry’s trip back to Jr High

1225 Apocalypse Vol 9 No 7 July 1986
1225 Tear N Restore (Ted Biet): Torn & restored card with a gimmicked card
1227 Rip Off (Karrell Fox): impromptu torn & restored card
1228 Suckerip (Les Scheyer): an even easier torn and restored card
1229 Silver Bullets (William Morales): any time anywhere four coins across
1230 Serendipity and Beyond (John W. McClure): a packet effect expanded from Jardine’s Serendipity
1231 A Lorayne Storm: Elmsley count with bills
1232 Scissorcery (Shigeo Takagi): a pair of scissors are looped on a rope through he handle and magically removed
1233 Almost Visible Change (Jeff Altman): a clean change of an indifferent card to the selected card
1234 In Hands False Cut (Randy Tanner): fancy false cut
1235 Ellipses…a card from heaven, more on 100 Magic Books list, Woody Allen, Doug Henning, a bad joke, and more

1237 Apocalypse Vol 9 No 8 Aug 86
1237 Quadruplic Ace Tion (Meir Yedid): card combo of Quick 3 Way and 6 Card Repeat
1239 Routine Finale (Peter Samelson): ending from previously published Thimble and Cigarette portions. Routine continues with a matchbox, and moves into a sponge ball production so you can continue with a sponge ball routine
1241 Perfect Reset Reset (Louis Falanga): From Hamman’s Underground Transposition to Paul Harris’ Reset to Earl Nelson’s Reset Reset to Jeff Poncher’s Color Reset to Falanga’s Perfect Reset Reset! Uses 8 Jokers
1242 Vis-Change (Irshaad Hussain): invisible two card turnover under the top card
1244 But Knot For Me (Karl Norman): Two silks are knotted together and tightened by the spectator: they then dissolve
1245 Deceptive Transposition (Peter Marshall): two card transposition, one in a glass
1246 The Rollover Thumb Palm (John V. Hope): an apparent take of an object
1247 Hit the Deck (Nick Pudar): card stab effect wherein a Frisbee is thrown at a deck in the air and comes down with the selected card
1247 Editorial: Harry’s devotion to magic

1249 Apocalypse Vol 9 No 9 Sep 86
1249 The Chaperone (Sol Stone): two in the hand one in the pocket routine about Romeo and Juliet and using small balls
1252 Watch More Closely (Richard Vollmer): Four Kings change instantly to Four Aces
1253 Lazy Man’s Invisible Back & Front Palm (Richard Vollmer): good follow up to the above card effect
1254 The Hit Switch (Robert Bengel): a good coin switch as an alternative to the Shuttle Pass
1256 Double Poker Control (Murray Bonfeld): Aces and Kings are lost in the deck, yet a 5 hand poker deal is controlled
1257 Cigarette Through Coin Clean Up (Dr. Michael Rubinstein): a good coin switch
1258 Action Change (Yoshio Hirose): four Jokers change instantly to 4 Kings when spread to the table (no gimmicks)
1259 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Les LeViness on Ron Ferris’ X To See
1259 Ellipses…Wakeman’s Formula One Close Up, Australia, etc.

1261 Apocalypse Vol 9 No 10 Oct 86
1261 Banded Or Not (Carl Mellish): a selected card shoots out of a packet with a rubber band around it (various handlings)
1263 Three’s Company (Joe Safuto): Okito box routine with 4 half dollars
1265 Versatile Count (Nick Pudar): a count to show more cards than there really are
1266 Krazy Kount (Hippie Torrales): Count 5 as 4 cards
1267 Smooth and Magical (Tom Potente): a change of one coin to another, such as for a Spellbound routine
1268 Platinum Trajectory (Jack Birnman): card sandwiched between two 3s in the left hand travels to between two black Queens in the right
1271 Palm Clink Pass (Kevin Moran): false two coin placement from right to left hand; both coins retained in the right
1271 Ellipses…Penn & Teller, David Regal, Bob Friedhoffer idea, Charles Reynolds on John Scarne

1273 Apocalypse Vol 9 No 11 Nov 86
1273 The World’s Best 2 Card Trick (Gaetan Bloom): two cards signed by both spectator and magician. They are torn and the pieces used in an Oil and Water sequence. One card is magically restored
1276 LF Triple S (Jon Steinfeld): little finger stud Strike Second; a strike second deal
1277 Into Thin Air (Milton): coin vanishes into thin air from the two hands
1278 Anytime Ace Cut (Bob King): a cut to the Aces routine
1279 Ace Catch (Bob King): cut to Aces change back color and are used to find the selected card
1280 The Spirit of the Coin ( Russ Burns): coin transposition routine with Okito box to be performed seated and with a 4 Halves to 4 Quarters change
1282 Apocalypse Variations Or Additions: J.K. Harman on improvements on his own Order Restored effect
1283 Odd Man Out (Robert Gardner): spectator touches any card, which is outjogged The card is shown, removed, and inserted into the deck. Turns out to be the only blue backed card in a red deck
1283 Ellipses…James Randi, special delivery joke, Steve Conner new leather chop cup idea (no magnet), Wouldn’t it be marvelous if…

1285 Apocalypse Vol 9 No 12 Dec 86
1285 The Isolated Switch (Geoff Latta):Two handlings, one a control, the other a switch away from the deck
1288 Coins Across Again (Kevin Moran): a good coins across with 4 halves and an “odd” coin
1289 Trapped Again (Jim Swain): starting point is Larry Jennings’ Trapped
1290 Bill Stretch (Mike Bornstein): stretching a dollar
1292 Something Unexpected (Jim Molinari): impromptu card effect; a card of four vanishes with a magician’s sucker ending
1294 Okay Coin Change (Hippie Torrales): spellbound coin change
1294 Pivot to the Limit (Mike Maxwell): selected card found among the Aces during a 4 Ace revelation
1295 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Jim Bailey on Bob King’s Open Choice
1296 Ellipses…visits, Quantum Leaps, material in Apocalypse

1297 Apocalypse Vol 10 No 1 Jan 87
1297 Slowe Up (Ken Krenzel): variation of McAllister’s Inside Out with a card, and a slower presentation
1299 Purse-uing the Mint (Robert Bengal): four coins produced from a purse frame with two good kickers. Uses a wand
1301 The Divining Card (David Regal): prediction card placed on the table. A card is signed ad lost in the deck. Four Aces are magically produced and placed onto the tabled card. The tabled card becomes the selected card
1302 High Rise Assembly (Ed Marlo): matrix effect using dice and cards
1305 Trappings of a Miracle (J.K. Hartman): two signed selections change places while each is trapped between two Aces
1306 Revolving Han Ping Chien (Jonathan Townsend): combined with Slydini’s Revolve Vanish
1307 One Card Triumph Revelation (Gary Ouellet): card revelation. One third deck flipped over, another flipped over, 1 card becomes face down: the selection
1307 Ellipses…Credits, on Cummins’ Overtwist Minor, Jennings’ Classic Magic, Stunning as a commercial item, Ted Lesley products, David Copperfield, unknowns, and Tannen’s Jubilee

1309 Apocalypse Vol 10 No 2 Feb 87 Special All Card Issue
1309 The Leaning Tower of Pasteboards (Hippie Torrales): balancing a deck of cards in your hand
1311 Fuddle Aces (Jon Racherbaumer): selected card lost in the deck. 4 Aces displayed and acrobatic ability shown, and face down red Aces are cut face down into the deck. Black Aces change to red Aces. Face up black Aces are found in face down deck, with the selection sandwiched between them
1313 All Wrong! (Ron Frost): deck is riffled and a card selected. Magician cuts deck into 4 packets with matches to selected card on the bottom of each packet, but it fails. Packets are spread, and all are in sequence but the selected cards are out of sequence.
1314 A Foldable (Jim Patton): a card fold
1315 General ly Speaking (John W. McClure): vertical Elmsley count and counting 4 cards as 3 in this “general card” plot
1316 Flourish Control (Doug Edwards): a flourish with a card control and a variation by Harry Lorayne
1318 A Clean Trick (Mark Sicher): card in bar of soap
1318 Card to Top (Gilles Couture): card control
1319 Ultra Surprise (Doug Edwards): effect using Lorayne’s Ultra Move (not taught)
1320 Ellipses…comments on the Post Office, contributions, Dick Cavett’s tough production, mail

1321 Apocalypse Vol 10 No 3 Mar 87
1321 The Multifaked Card (Ian Baxter): a magician’s joke: one card with more than 15 gaffs built in
1323 No Quarter (Randy Tanner): red and blue decks shown, a card is selected from one. This card is torn into quarters, and the pieces tossed into a handkerchief. One piece is held by the spectator. Other deck is dealt to a number previously selected by the spectator, and a torn card is found, with the back to match the other deck and the corner matches
1324 Extra Coins Across (Jonathan Townsend): another coins across routine, will require practice
1325 Four Instants (Mike Bornstein): 4 of a kind assembly performed with 4 of a kind of a different back color
1328 Blue Plate Special (Rick Sherman): impromptu coin thru plate
1329 Not by Sight (Tetsuyoshi Hoshino): spectator selects one Ace of 4. Aces are put in the deck in the case. Spectator places his Ace in the case and can mix the Aces at the top of the deck. Magician removes all the Aces and tells which Ace was selected
1330 Catapult Coin (Henry Mayol): instant vanish of a coin
1331 Center to Bottom Reverse (Woody Landers): instantly reversing a noted card to the bottom of the deck
1332 Ellipses…back issues, Penn & Teller, translations in Swedish, meeting reports

1333 Apocalypse Vol 10 No 4 April 87
1333 Pinatrated Bill (Richard Bartram Jr.): safety pin pushed through end of a dollar is pulled to the other end and ripped off the bill. Bill is unharmed
1335 Three Second Number (Gary Ouellet): mechanically simple 4 Ace revelation
1337 Magic By the Number (Gilles Couture): magical production of a miniature 7 up bottle
1338 Relativity’s Relative (Eric De Camps): spectator selects and signs a card and it is lost in the deck. the selection jumps to the top a couple of times. Another spectator signs the back of the card. The signed face is shown, and instantly turns blank. The card is then split, and each “half” is handed to the spectator who signed it!
1340 Penetrating Transposition (Sol Stone): copper silver transposition through the table with no extras or gaffs
1340 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Bill Derman on Richard Vollmer’s Watch More Closely
1341 Wiped Out (Evert Chapman): cards are magically wiped blank, return, change, get sandwiched, etc.
1342 Impossible 3 Ace Change (Jaun Tamariz): Aces are located and change to other cards in an impossible way
1344 Out to Lunch: more on the Lorayne vacations

1345 Apocalypse Vol 10 No 5 May 87
1345 The Ultimate Move (Harry Lorayne): versatile card change with ideas
1348 Through the Rope (Mark Sicher): finger ring jumps on a rope
1349 Will the Cards Match (Larry Becker): 5 cards taken and torn in half. The phrase Will The cards Match is spelled with a selected portion, and the cards in each portion match
1350 The Uncanny Penetrating Finger Ring (Dr Rajneesh Mahok): using a ring in the linking rubber bands
1352 Out of Bounds (J.K. Hartman): Jerry’s variation of Banded or Not (Carl Mellish) with cars
1353 Three To Go (Bruce Berkowitz): Three coins vanish an reappear one at a time in the hans. Moderate difficulty
1354 Spread Wave Change Production (Steven Schneiderman): controlling what is seen during a spread: some variations
1355 Ellipses…Bruce Cervon effect same as Mike Maxwell’s, credits, Yedid.s Card Animations, moochers, Joesph Gabriel & Lucy, NY Times, Miracles of David Regal book, computers

1357 Apocalypse Vol 10 No 6 Jun 87
1357 Spectator on Stage (Randy Wakeman): improved version of effect in Formula Once Close Up (cards) 
1359 Trouser Pocket Topit (John V. Hope): using the pants’ pocket as a topit
1360 An Updated Force (Ed Marlo): a bottom card force
1361 Challenge Spectator Peek (Steve Draun): glimpsing the card
1362 Reverse Double Click Pass (Michael Rubenstein): Two coins placed in the left had end up in the right
1363 Faces Minus One (J.C. Doty): A card is selected & lost. All faces change to backless, then reappear except for selection. Finally, all cards are in order
1365 Three Beat Click Pass (Michael Rubinstein): another coin pass
1366 In Any Case (Steven Cohen): selector card attracts the selection in the card case (impromptu)
1367 Triumphant False Shuffle (Randy Tanner): full deck tabled false riffle shuffle
1367 Ellipses…Ken Krenzel’s Incredible Full Deck Levitation, finger flinger editorial from Sept 79 issue

1369 Apocalypse Vol 10 o 7 July 87
1369 Blown Away (Juan Tamariz): Deck is cut and two spectator’s take top cards and return them. The deck is cut again, then dealt into two piles, and each half shuffled. Magician takes each half, looks quickly through and removes two cards: the selections
1371 Snap Finger Ring Link (Eric DeCamps): more finger ring and rubber band magic
1373 Gold Diggers of 198? (Ian Baxter): card selected by male is seduced by Queens, but rejected when it has no money
1374 Split Secoined (Sol Stone): single coin vanish
1375 Im Achin ation (Rick Silberman): impromptu card routine with matches (loses three cards each time)
1377 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Jim LaConte on Tetsuyoshi Hoshino’s ot by Sight
1377 Somersault Dump Choice (Jeff Moche): coin vanishes: spectators may elect to have the coin appear elsewhere or not
1378 Instant Visible Change (Doug Edwards): visual chard change
1379 Ellipses…Barry Stevenson’s Incredible Signature, magic ads, getting shafted, Swedish publication, more meeting reports, Cardini and reels

1381 Apocalypse Vol 10 No 8 Aug 87
1381 I Can’t Do This Trick (Doug Edwards & Harry Lorayne): an extra black card appears each time a packet is counted. Adds a 4 Ace different color back ending
1383 Central Limit (Steve Rogers): a mathematical concept of forcing
1385 Watch the Coin! (Salomon Cohn): Coin vanish & repro in the hands
1386 Aw Gee! (Richard Vollmer): 2 red Aces move under 2 black Aces magically move back to top
1387 Boomering (Gary Ouellet): ‘finale’ finger ring on rope
1389 Swivel Color Change (Jim Patton): card color change
1390 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: David Regal on Mike Bornstein’s Four Instants
1390 Square Up Color Change (Jim Patton): another color change for cards
1391 Kring Pass (Jason Krumholtz): clink pass using benefits of a finger ring
1391 Ellipses…correction, more on David Regal, Amazing Kreskin, The Queen of Hearts, magic shops, Dai Vernon, making movies

1393 Apocalypse Vol 10 No 9 Sep 87
1393 The Sting (Walt Maddison): oil & water packet routine with strong ending
1396 Two C&B Goodies (Dan Fleshman): two methods for magically changing a small ball to a larger ball in a cups and balls routine
1397 Flaunt It (Gerald Deutsch): 2 cad transposition with cleanup
1397 Answer to Erdnase (Mitchell Silverman): yet another color change for cards
1398 Answer to Nobody (Michell Silverman): another card color change
1399 Now You See It (Rich Cowley): quick impromptu production of a coin
1400 Stretch of the Imagination (Mark Sicher): another variation of Banded or Not with an entire deck and a rubber band
1402 Sponge Ball Sleight (Gary Ouellet): pretend placement with retention
1402 One by One (Justin Higham): Three halves turn to English Pennies one at a time, the halves ending up under a playing card, with a climax foreign coin ending
1404 Out to Lunch: more on Lorayne travels

1405 Apocalypse Vol 10 No 10 Oct 87
1405 Knich A Knich (Paul W. Cummins): reversal chink a chink with Roth handling and special gimmick
1408 Enlarger (Mike Bornstein): comedy item card rises from case then changes to 4 times the size
1409 Dice Twice (Salverio Piacente): dice switching
1410 Overclock (Randy Wakeman): variation on classic clock card trick
1411 Hot Potato Transpo (Sol Stone): quick copper silver transpo
1413 Pocketed! (Hippie Torrales): chosen cad travels to pocket, then entire deck except for chosen card
1415 Twenty Points Less (Marvin Steiner): a Pinochle plot card effect
1415 Ellipses…Charles Reynolds, Scotty York, new books, Bob Elliott, Ted Annemann’s ad technique

1417 Apocalypse Vol 10 No 11 Nov 87
1417 Macoins (Gille Gouture): MacDonald’s Aces with coins! Needs six C/S coins
1419 Utility Spread (Peter Pellikaan): a 5 card spread
1419 Utility Spread Plus (Harry Lorayne): more on spreading 5 as 4
1420 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Jarry Hartman on Juan Tamariz’ Impossible 3 Ace Change
1423 The Cartwheel Change (Michael Rubinstein): half placed on back of hand is tossed and caught, to change into English Penny
1424 Double Thought Reading (Doug Edwards): thought of number and card are divined by magician
1425 Son of DTR (Doug Edwards): more on the above
1426 The Dissolving Rubber Band (George D. Frazen): make one rubber band look like two
1427 Painted Lips (John M. Bauman): the blow of s kiss finds a card, complete with lipstick
1428 Ellipses…traveling jokes, Out to Lunch, Gary Osborne

1429 Apocalypse Vol 10 No 12 Dec 87
1429 Which Jacks Are Better? (Shigeo Takagi): visitor effect with 4 Jacks
1432 A Coin Pants Position (Robert Bengel): coin through trouser used for coin change and switch
1433 A New Twist (Alfonso): impromptu Twisting effect with any four of a kind
1434 Banned in Boston (Russ Burns): Boston Box routine with a regular Okito box and a few cards
1436 Four At Once (Jack Carpenter): 4 Ace revelation
1437 Winged Silver Once More (Kevin Moran): more coins
1438 Slide Out (Emile Clifton): utilitarian method to toss out “any” card while tossing out the bottom card
1439 Pip Off (Louis Falanga): version of Dai Vernon’s Picking off the Pip
1440 Ellipses…card in ceiling, credits, buying reprints, Apocalypse review, 10th year comments

  • Publisher: L&L Publishing
  • Pages: 720
  • Location: Tahoma, CA, USA
  • Edited by: Harry Lorayne
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1983-1987, 2000
  • Binding: hardbound

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