The Annotated Magic of Slydini by Lewis Ganson, Slydini

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Details: Long unavailable, Lewis Ganson`s The Magic of Slydini is, perhaps, one of the most influential magic books ever. Many of its routines have now become classics in magic, including Flight of the Paper Balls, Helicopter Card, Coins Through The Table, Slydini`s Knotted Silks, The Paper Balls in the Hat and others. In this brand new edition, Slydini has some additional things to say about his creations. Some time ago, Dr. Gene Matsuura went through the text of Ganson`s book with Tony Slydini and took careful notes as Slydini made valuable additions and observations. The Annotated Magic of Slydini presents every word of Lewis Ganson`s original text, printed in black, along with Slydini`s additions and corrections, printed in blue, making this an invaluable and essential work even for those who own the original book. Hardbound with matching endsheets, foil-stamped cloth cover, striking full-color


xi Introduction (Dr. Gene Matsuura)
xiii Publisher’s Note

1 Introduction (Lewis Ganson)
7 Foreword (Slydini)
15 Slydini (Leslie P. Guest)

19 Chapter One The Art of Using the Lap as a Servante – Part One, Position and Timing
21 Position and Timing
23 Conditions
24 Photographs
29 Notes

31 Chapter Two The Art of Using the Lap as a Servante – Part Two, Misdirection
33 Misdirection
34 Photographs

39 Chapter Three 41 The Paper Balls in the Hat
41 Description
42 Setting
42 Performance
43 – Stage One
49 – Stage Two
53 – Stage Three
53 – Stage Four
54 – Stage Five

57 Chapter Four Slydini’s New Cigarette Miracle
59 Preparation
60 Performance

67 Chapter Five Two Cigarettes from One
69 Effect
69 Preparation
70 Performance

79 Chapter Six Cigarette Fantasy
82 The Cigarette Palm
84 The Routine

105 Chapter Seven Sponge Ball Magic
107 Introduction
109 Setting
109 The First Routine – Sorcery With Spheres
119 The Second Routine – Spherical Switchcraft

127 Chapter Eight Coins through the Table
129 Introduction
131 Six Silver Coins and a Penny
140 Six Silver Coins and a Ring
147 Only Six Silver Coins
150 Again Six Silver Coins
157 The Knockout
161 Four Silver Coins
165 Two Silver Coins
168 The Payoff

173 Chapter Nine Slydini’s New Version of the Coins through Table
175 Introduction
176 The Clip
176 The Position of the Performer
177 Performance
184 To Repeat the Effect

187 Chapter Ten The Flight of the Paper Balls
189 Effect
190 The Assistant
191 Requirements
192 Performance Stage One
197 Stage Two
197 Stage Three
199 Stage Four
202 Stage Five

205 Chapter Eleven Rope Trickery
207 The Repeating Knot
211 The Extra Loop
212 Performance
215 The Short Piece of Rope

219 Chapter Twelve The Helicopter Card
221 Effect
222 Setting
223 Performance Stage One
229 Second Stage
230 Third Stage
232 Fourth Stage

239 Chapter Thirteen Slydini’s Knotted Silks
241 Introduction
242 The Silks
243 Preparation for Tying
244 The Routine
245 Stage One
246 The Convincing Knot
259 Stage Two Spectator Tie
260 Upsetting the Granny
261 Upsetting a Square Knot
268 Third Stage
269 The Wrap-Over Knot
273 Fourth Stage Splitting the Knot
276 Additional Effects
277 Houdini Handkerchiefs
278 Abracadabra Knot
279 Getting Out of Trouble

283 Chapter Fourteen Slydini’s Torn and Restored Newspaper
285 Effect
285 Preparation
288 Performance
297 Torn Corner Gag for Newspaper Tear

  • Publisher: L&L Publishing
  • Pages: 297
  • Location: Tahoma, CA, USA
  • Dimensions: 7″x10″
  • Date: 2001
  • Binding: hardbound

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