The Annals of Conjuring by Sidney W. Clarke

(c. 1983,2001) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: Perhaps the most detailed history of magic ever written, this massive new edition, edited by Edwin A. Dawes and Todd Karr in association with Bob Read, adds over 500 informative endnotes to Clarke’s monumental work, with many new discoveries.

The new Annals also includes an introduction by Edwin A. Dawes and his biographical essays on Clarke; Clarke’s personal annotations; plus a new index and bibliography.

The Annals of Conjuring contains nearly 300 illustrations, many never before published. 640 large-format pages, printed on satin-finish paper, hardbound and sewn, with color plates and frontispiece, and cover illustration by visionary artist Katlyn Breene.


7 Illustrations
19 Preface (Edwin A. Dawes)
23 Publisher’s Note
29 The Barrister in the Circle (Edwin A. Dawes)

57 Introduction
63 1. Ancient Conjuring
71 2. The Mediaeval Jugglers
87 3. The Jugglers’ Tricks
103 4. Hocus Pocus
119 5. The English Showmen
155 6. Continental Conjurers
185 7. The Decline of Conjuring
203 8. The Wizard of the North and the Mechanical Conjurers
239 9. Robert-Houdin
267 10. From Robert-Houdin to Maskelyne
295 11. Maskelyne and Cooke
343 12. Conjurers of Yesterday and To-Day
373 13. Oriental Conjurers
403 Conclusion
409 Notes

469 Appendices
469 1. Installments of The Annals of Conjuring in the Magic Wand
471 2. Illustrations for The Annals of Conjuring in the Magi Wand
475 3. Clarke’s Annotations (Edwin A. Dawes)
477 4. Principal Writings of Sidney W. Clarke (Edwin A. Dawes)

483 Additional Resources
483 1. The Research of Arthur Watson
489 2. Hippolytus
499 3. Early English Records of Conjuring
507 4. Scotto (Jjalmar and Thierry Depaulis)
519 5. Early Italian Conjuring Words (Jjalmar and Thierry Depaulis)
527 6. Entertainment in The Spectator (Bob Read)
531 7. Southwark Fair News Items
537 8. Fawkes Notices
547 9. Colonial American Magic
563 10. Magic in Early Literature
571 11. Charlier (Herbert E. Pratt)

591 Bibliography
603 Acknowledgements
605 Index

  • Publisher: Miracle Factory
  • Pages: 639
  • Location: Seattle, USA
  • Edited by: Edwin A. Dawes, Todd Karr
  • Dimensions: 8″x10″
  • Date: 1983, 2001
  • Binding: hardbound

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