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Albo 16 – The Ultimate Okito Encore by Robert J. Albo

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Details: The Ultimate Okito Encore completes Dr Robert Albo’s trilogy of books devoted to Okito and the Bamberg Dynasty. This is a deluxe volume, HB in acetate jacket with 56 pages in lavish full color of apparatus, photographs, letters and other memorabilia associated with Okito and the Bamberg Dynasty that have not been published previously. In pockets in the rear are a newly minted and beautifully produced Okito token and a DVD of performance of Okito magic – Floating Ball, Penetration of Matter, Bowl of Gobi, Checker Cabinet, Kuma Tubes, Nested Tubes, etc.

Included is a deluxe slipcase to house this volume and Dr Albo’s previous book, The Ultimate Okito Addendum.


Foreword 6
Tricks and Memorabilia – 8
A Floating Ball – Martin Pacheco Collection – 10
Okito Rising Cards – Bruce Averbook Collection – 14
Okitos Box of Tricks – Bruce Averbook Collection – 16
Nested Tubes-Norm Nielsen – 18
Fire Bowls – 20
Joe Ghost – 22
Blow Book – 24
Traveling Lamp – 26
Correspondence – 32
Memorabilia – 44
Posters and Programs – 48
Okito Stills-Martin Pacheco Collection – 53
Houdini Inscription – 54
Closure – 55
Final Curtain – 56

DVD Contents:

Floating Ball
David Ben

Klingsor presents Okito Magic
Bill Mcllhancy
Penetration of Matter
Bowl of Gobi
Checker Cabinet
Kuma Tubes
Floating Ball

Nested Tubes
Lupe and Norm Nielsen

Okito Family in Holland
Society ofAmerican Magicians Film Archives

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1 review for Albo 16 – The Ultimate Okito Encore by Robert J. Albo

  1. Andy Martin

    I’m not sure if there is any other single person who has done more for Magic Collecting and the preservation of Magic History than the wonderful and humble Dr. Robert Albo. During a span of 38 years from 1973 – 2012 he produced 16 oversized volumes filled with photos, videos, descriptions, articles and history (With the 16th volume on Okito being released after his untimely death in 2011).

    I never knew Dr. Albo, and didn’t begin to read his books until 2018 but it is obvious to anyone reading these truly beautiful books how much he loved magic. Every article I have ever read by him or about him speaks of his generosity to others and his love and passion for magical apparatus. His preservation of the art of magic by remembering the great magical creators and their effects through detailed and meticulous cataloging and demonstrating of their works is legendary.

    If you are ever lacking inspiration just open up any one of his books and you will be transformed into a magical mystery world, filled with amazing characters and craftsmen surrounded by the most wonderful props you will ever see. Dr. Albo had a remarkable impact on magic collecting and the history of our art that is unlikely ever to be repeated and his books will continue to inspire and enthrall collectors and magicians for decades to come.

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