100 Years of Magic Posters by Charles Reynolds, Regina Reynolds

(c. 1975) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: First published 25 years ago, this out of print book by Charles and Regina Reynolds is highly sought after by collectors. This is a large format (11″ x 16″) book filled with 96 full color and black and white poster reproductions of magicians over the past 100 years.

Each poster has a very nice explanation about the history of the poster as well as a brief biography of the magician. The Hermanns, Kellar, The Davenports, Houdini, Blackstone, Thurston, Germain, Soo, Leon, Kassner, Nicola, Downs, Dante, Houdin, LeRoy, and on up to the more modern magicians such as Henning, Mark Wilson, Randi, etc.

The full color posters are beautiful when framed but I’m not sure you would want to cut up this valuable out of print book.

(Denny Haney – DennyMagic.com)

  • Publisher: Darien House
  • Pages: 112
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Dimensions: 11″x16″
  • Date: 1975
  • Binding: softbound

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Approx. Price: $100.00 (2004) ***

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