In 2007 I turned off the guestbook, due to too much spam. I'm hoping technology is better now so that I can turn on the guestbook again. I took the liberty of copying some comments from the old version of this site to this new one. But I would love to hear from more people, or the same people, with your comments about this new site.

Kent Bergmann

Can’t thank you enough Andy for presenting so many magical pieces from so many different creators from every corner of the world in such a professional, classy and quality way. It is evident, by your years of dedication, that your passion and love for magic is second to none! You have absolutely created the “Go […]

Brian Cook

Andy, Thank you for all that you do to document and preserve all of the amazing magic that is out there. I am extremely honored to be a small part of your incredible collection. Please continue to be the source that everyone looks to for amazing, inspirational and creative magic!


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François Danis

Andy, your website is a great source of magical knowledge. One can almost say that you have done the work of an encyclopedist ! Passion for our noble Art is one of your motivation. The other one is to put under lights, unknown craftsmen, whom, without your passion and your work would have stay unknwon. […]

Thomas Pohle

Andy, this website is a true treasure on the web. It’s really amazing to see this huge collection on your website. What a crazy amount of work is behind it. I say a big thank-you to you, especially for featuring my own tricks from Germany over the last Thirty years. It is a daily pleasure […]

Gary Frank

Andy, Thank you for your expert assistance. Your site is totally amazing. Your method of displaying each of the effects makes it like a virtual online museum. Whenever I need to enjoy a “Blast to the Past”, I visit your site. I really appreciate all that you did to answer my question. It is nice […]

Alan Warner

Another great website, Andy! No matter where your interest in magic lies, magicians worldwide are assured of finding this new Martin’s Magic website a delight to browse through again and again. Its ease of navigation and wealth of information for magicians are staggering – second to none. Congratulations!

Paul Richards

Andy, the new site looks fantastic! Love the functionality and ease of navigation. I’ve always been amazed at how much effort and energy you put into a site that is essentially a “labor of love”. I know full time dealers that don’t make a fraction of the effort. Now you’ve taken it to the next […]

Howard Baltus

For more than a decade I’ve had an affinity to Martin’s Magic. First, I love the new look and feel of the newly designed site. It’s got a clean and upscale groove that makes you want to browse through the collection of goodies. Reasons I dig this website are simple… It’s a great information & […]