Review by George Guerra for Classic Coin Ladder by Wolf's Magic

Review by George Guerra for Classic Coin Ladder by Wolf's Magic
Review by George Guerra for Classic Coin Ladder by Wolf's Magic
5 out of 5

A Masterpiece from Chance Wolf!

Though my main focus in collecting is towards small, so called Mini or Micro magic, I have added some big items in the past, but these were grand pieces that were a "must buy", such as the Milson-Worth Pillar of the Magi and Ruggiero’s Perfect Card. Not surprisingly, when I first saw the high resolution images of Chance’s new Classic Coin Ladder, I immediately pounced on it…I couldn’t type fast enough to get my order in as I knew only 12 would be sold and I wasn’t going to be left out.

Well, the Ladder arrived yesterday and after unpacking it, I was in complete awe at what I was seeing…it left me speechless. Now, I have had similar reactions with packages from Alan Warner, Richard Gerlitz, Colin Rose, Lyn Johnson, to name a few of the top talents, but Chance has clearly anted the standard on the craftsmanship of magical apparatus. Everything is, simply, in my opinion, PERFECT!

What struck me as I quickly eyed the entire unit is the weight of the components…lots of the most gorgeously colored and grained Cocobolo wood I have ever seen layered thick for strength and durability. The same was observed of the solid brass components throughout the apparatus (even the banding around the wood is the thickest I have ever seen in an apparatus…no thin flimsy metal strips here). Even the glass used in the ladder is heavy duty. This is one sturdy, but beautifully built apparatus…I just wish people could see it up close and their eyes would say more than words can.

Overall, I would venture to say that my Classic Coin Ladder is now the best, most prized, piece in my entire magic collection. Up to this point, I would have hesitated to make such a comment as I really have many very nice pieces and it has always been a difficult choice when asked, but, believe me, the Classic Coin Ladder is way too good…$3000 price tag – what a bargain, now that I have seen it.

This is not only a GG Standard item, but as with all nobility, there is always one at the top, the king, so it gives me great honor to crown the Wolf Classic Coin Ladder at the top of this elite list. The one thing I may change is the special Eisenhower coin that came with the apparatus. This masterpiece deserves better than clad coins, so I tried a Lassen magnetic Morgan 1921 silver dollar and it seems to work. I also like the fact that the music box motor is easily replaceable…this is an Achilles’ heel, as these are temperamental mechanisms (CW used a lot of these and the one in my Coin Classic easily broke down).

Thanks so much, Chance for an incredible magical heirloom and for remembering the No. 4 to match the serial number of my Wacky Micro Magic series.

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