Review by Andy Martin for Rings of Truth by Wolf's Magic

Review by Andy Martin for Rings of Truth by Wolf's Magic
Review by Andy Martin for Rings of Truth by Wolf's Magic
5 out of 5

Beautiful, Clever, Flawless, and Great Value too!

There have been plenty of positive reviews about this latest item from The Wolf Man, so when my unit arrived I was eager to see what all the fuss was about! So often in magic you get disappointed because an effect almost never lives up to your expectations. The good news is when it comes to Chance Wolf this is rarely the case and with Rings of Truth you will be 100% delighted! It is a true beauty. I spent a few minutes trying to look for the gaff when I first received it and nothing was obvious at all. Just a really nice box. I finally broke down and read the instructions … and thought: "Wow this is so much better than I expected!" (In fact I used some stronger words, but this is the gist of what I was thinking!)

The mechanism, based on an old, unpublished Jack Hughes idea, is very clever and works beautifully every time. You can use any rings, or coins, or bills – pretty much anything that will fit in the three slits in the box. It comes with some very fine looking rings, and no expense was spared in creating the whole outfit. First class all the way. There are no electronics or magnets and the mechanism is unique as far as I can tell – I’ve owned quite a few boxes that perform a similar function and none of them get even close to this method.

The other great thing is that reset is a snap and it can be done right in front the spectators without arousing suspicion. Try as you will look for clues you will not find them.

Chance Wolf and the team at Wolf’s Magic continue to amaze and amuse me and I look forward to many new items over the next few years.

A real beauty for Collectors and Performers everywhere. Highly Recommended!

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