Review by Andy Martin for Magic Box, The by Arlen Studio

Review by Andy Martin for Magic Box, The by Arlen Studio
Review by Andy Martin for Magic Box, The by Arlen Studio
5 out of 5

Well this makes you feel very special! Beautiful!

I was in two minds about buying just a pretty box/table particularly at this price. But when you see this baby, your heart melts. It is bigger than you would expect, and provides a perfect working surface for performing. It also has plenty of room inside to store cards, coins, and everything magical. Even above the mirror there is space for cards and other small items. Also the door that folds down has felt on it to layout cards.

Arlen Studios advertise themselves as Magic Handcrafted by Magicians for Magicians. Well this was clearly thought out by a magician. Very strongly recommended.

Also, contrary to some dealers comments having nice equipment won’t make you a good magician. But having a box like this might just intice you to put together a great close-up routine that fits neatly inside. Having put together the effects, you’ll find practicing them much easier and more enjoyable. And all that might just make you a better magician!

Wonderful finish, very solid. This box is not overpriced at all. I wish the photos could do justice to it. Keep an eye on Arlen Studios for more wonderful, original magic. Their track record so far is outstanding!

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