Review by Andy Martin for Coincimental by Ed Mellon

Review by Andy Martin for Coincimental by Ed Mellon
Review by Andy Martin for Coincimental by Ed Mellon
4 out of 5

Amazing Trick but Cheap Cards!

This is a very clever and convincing effect invented by Dr. Spencer P. Thornton and marketed by Ed Mellon. The props are simple and the revelation quite amazing. However, the cards supplied with this effect are cheap quality and stick together easily. If you want to do this more than once, and I think you will, you’d be wise to invest in some better quality cards.

But regardless of the quality of the cards the effect is quite stunning. You show a deck of alphabet cards that are clearly different and pick 4 that you place in a stand. The audience member now removes any 5 cards from the deck. From these 5 he freely discards any 1 and arranges the 4 that remain in any order to form a word. Amazingly enough when you reveal your previously chosen letters not only do they match the spectator’s but you are also spelling out the same word.

There are no moves and it looks like genuine mentalism. This would be a 5 star effect, but the cards reduced it by one. Contrary to the Ad Copy these are not, in my opinion, printed on heavy card stock.

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