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Magic of Friendship by Doug Gorman
Doug created a higher end version of this c. 2005 in Cocobolo wood and using Todd Lassen coins , and this is the lower end alternative with walnut and Johnson coins. The Hopping Half is perhaps the most popular set of gimmicked coins ever with the first o ...
Skulduggery by Doug Gorman
When Doug arrived this week at my home I was very intrigued by the heavy case he brought along with him. As he set the custom table up for his wonderful new effect "Skulduggery" the wood looked amazing and that was when he told me the whole outfit was made ...
Table Top Hopping Half by Doug Gorman, Todd Lassen
The Hopping Half is perhaps the most popular set of gimmicked coins ever with the first ones available in the 1960s. Easy to perform, with no palming and minimal sleight of hand. The Hopping Half is also the most versatile coin set one can buy, especially ...
Uncorked by Doug Gorman, Jim Riser
_EF So, you are probably thinking, just another chop cup set ... WRONG! This is innovative, extremely clever, and entertaining magic at an impressive mini-magic level - my favorite kind of magic. See the video of Doug's performance and you get only a glimp ...
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