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Fall Apart Table (Ghost Table) by Mephisto-Huis

(c. 1989)

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2 reviews for Fall Apart Table (Ghost Table) by Mephisto-Huis

  1. Andy Martin

    Ready for a Heart Attack?

    Mephisto of Belguim have a fine line of quality magic – this fall apart table and the matching Fall Apart Chair are no exception. This table is so solid you could stand on it if you desired. There is no sign of gimmicks or anything and its radio controlled. So you can use it quite normally throughout your show, moving it around without fear. But when you press that button, watch out! It comes crashing down to the ground with a thunderous sound! This is how fall apart props should be made. Wonderful to play with and a real surprise for the audience.

    This table is so solid I had my 21", 75 lb computer monitor on for a three month period when I was moving last year. I can even stand on it (I’m 215 lbs!).

  2. Bob Meigs

    Above Suspicion

    Thanks for cluing me into this one, Andy. This is a great utility table that can be used throughout the show, all the while concealing a show-stopping effect. It’s so functional, and so attractive, that it is simply above suspicion.

    There are many ways to play the fall-apart feature – comedy, misdirection, mentalism, seance – this is no one-trick pony. It’s the type of prop that everybody should have, but almost nobody does.

    One last comment – Jos at Mephisto Magic builds shipping crates that look like furniture, and shipping from Belgium was surprisingly inexpensive and took only 4 days. Can I give this six stars?

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