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Zig Zag Can by Frank Klein, Carlton Bradford

(c. 1978) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This was invented by Carlton Bradford and built and marketed by Frank Klein c. 1978.

Effect: A colorful miniature version of the zig-zag illusion is displayed. It is a small model of the large illusion but still large enough to be performed on stage or before a smaller group. The top lid is opened and a can of beer or cola (they are ungimmicked and may be borrowed) is placed downwards into the cabinet. Two unprepared metal blades are displayed and are thrust completely through the cabinet, dividing it into three sections. Then, just like the large illusion, the center section is slid to the left, leaving the center section completely vacant, and a wand or your hand is waved through the empty section. The procedure is now reversed, the can removed, opened and the contents poured into a glass. It is either drunk by the performer or offered to a spectator.

(Ed Mishell – Genii Magazine, May 1978)
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