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Atomic Stock Pile (Remake) by Andre Kole

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A relatively poor version of the Andre Kole illusion by an unknown builder but I would guess a hobbyist.

Atomic Stock Pile is an ingenious table-sized illusion. Three blocks are seen stacked on a small stand. The bottom block is removed leaving the top two blocks suspended in air. A hoop is passed around the two blocks. This effect may be performed with the audience less than a foot away. It is very clever and looks amazing!

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1 review for Atomic Stock Pile (Remake) by Andre Kole

  1. Andy Martin

    Looks good … on the web anyway!

    This is basically the Super X Levitation using 3 wooden blocks. It looks like it was home made and although I think has some potential because the blocks can’t be examined or even seen separate in the hands I’m not sure how much of a fooler this effect will really be.

    But the photos look good!

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