Stone of The Pharoah by Paul Picha, Mephisto-Huis

(c. 1987)

Mephisto-Huis’ Stone of The Pharaohs- imported years ago from Germany and now very difficult to find. A wonderful and eerie effect that practically works itself. The props supplied are beautifully crafted and the cabinets finished with a classic gold, red, black trim that look like a piece of apparatus Owen Magic Supreme would have made. Best of all … it works perfectly!

The lid of a decorative box is raised to reveal four different colored wooden mummies … gold, red, green and blue. Another display stand is shown with two covers which are removed to reveal a resting place for one of the mummies, and a mysterious looking clear crystal. While the performer is out of the room or with back turned, any one of the four mummies is placed into the “tomb” and covered. The crystal is also covered. The performer returns and asks the spectator to uncover the crystal and concentrate on the color of the mummy they selected. For a short period nothing happens, and then after about fifteen seconds the crystal slowly starts to glow the color of the chosen mummy! It shines brightly revealing the hidden selection, until slowly fading back to clear.

This looks amazing, and works with no effort by the performer. In fact, until the crystal starts glowing you really have no idea which mummy was chosen by the spectator! The ingeniously designed apparatus does it all. There are no external gimmicks to conceal. The effect may be repeated immediately.

Perfect working condition. These originally operated on a now hard to find European style battery, but this set has been converted to use (4) regular AAs. Excellent condition. Platform shows minor wear in one corner and the mummies have a few tiny spots of paint loss on the bottoms (never seen during performance). With complete instructions including a bonus sheet detailing the previous owner’s routine. A rare piece of micro magic that is perfect for both performance or display.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $395.00 (03/2018) ***

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