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Modern Math by Richard Gerlitz

(c. 2006)

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4 reviews for Modern Math by Richard Gerlitz

  1. George Guerra

    Can it get any better than this?

    Having been off the buying spree for Gerlitz magic on 4 consecutive releases (with regrets on two), I am ecstatic with the last two from Richard. It was impossible not to desire True Love, but when I first saw the images of Modern Math on Richard’s site, I knew I was seeing something extra special. Where does Richard get the inspiration and vision for his magic is beyond me…a magical genius are the words I hear describing him and that may be it.

    Mental addition tricks have abounded in various presentations. Owen provides us with their Miracle Slate and Mel Babcock has Psychic Arithmetic. Now, along comes Richard to take this trick to a grand level and showcasing it in gorgeous museum quality props. For any avid collector of Mini-Magic, Richard will have you drooling over Modern Math. It’s, without doubt, one of the most beautiful example of Mini-Magic I ever seen to date (but Richard could surprise me with his next release).

    The mechanics are carefree and smooth. He thinks of everything…True Love being a good example. Whether the spectator uses 2, 3 or all 4 inner tubes, you have the total sum already predicted before the last inner tube is even assembled onto the apparatus. You don’t even have to look at any of the numbers at all and you can be at quite a distance from the props when you write down the final predicted total.

    One problem I do see is waiting now in anticipation over the next several months for Richard’s next masterpiece. It’s not going to be easy, more so to the growing number of collectors who would love to be among the lucky few to acquire these very limited released magical treasures.

    I just don’t know what I can add that others have already said on this man, other than thanks for raising magic building to a level very few have attained.

  2. Doug King

    Marvelous Modern Math Masterpiece!

    Richard has done it again! The real "modern math" is… 1 master craftsman + 1 beautiful, unique effect = another Gerlitz winner!

    "Modern Math" is perfect in every way. The highest quality materials were used… this baby will last a lifetime. It was obviously crafted by a perfectionist… everything from the graphics to the instructions. The piece is just the right size… mini magic at it’s finest. The actual "math" that must be done is simple and quick. No need for lots of memory work here. Yep, Richard is a pure genius.

    I’ve have quite a few Gerlitz pieces in my collection… but this one is on the top shelf, right in the center!

  3. Brett Schulman

    Gerlitz Modern Math

    WOW, another masterpiece from Richard. I was so excited to get this piece and I can’t wait to use it every chance I get. While there are math effects around, none come close to this beauty. It is a joy to perform and an honor to own. The oriental artwork is even better in person than it looks in the pictures and the assembly is a joy.

    Richard scores a home run with Modern math. It is easy to do and requires no major memory work. you will know the selected number before they have chosen all the possible selections. You can be out of the room and still deliver the right number.

    Can’t wait till the next release, I will start saving now.

  4. Tom Pearson

    Truly Exquisite

    This is my most treasured piece of magic in my collection. Richard Gerlitz has truly outdone himself and created not only a beautifully designed piece but one that is ingenious in its methodology and effect. It is truly exquisite in its appearance and construction, and I really do not know how he could have made it better. His use of materials is nothing short of perfection. His last item, Sea-Ling’s True Love, is also exquisite in every way, and I seem to be saying that about every piece I have been able to purchase from Richard. You should not pass this up if you have a chance to acquire it. This is what collecting magic is all about.

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