Magic Ankh Paddle by Eddy Taytelbaum, Unknown

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It is not clear if this is beautiful paddle is actually crafted by Eddy Taytelbaum.  After studying Albo VII and Albo X I can not find any paddle or even artwork exactly the same.  There are certainly similarities with the Stop Light paddle in figure 102A in Albo X.  The shape of the paddle seems similar and the slider could match too.  To me although it is very nicely made it doesn’t have enough color or flair for Eddy.  If you know who is the creator please let me know.

Effect: The basic routine is a black, blank paddle is shown on both sides and six Egyptian symbols are shown on a cover which is slid onto the paddle.  Both sides of the cover are shown and the Ankh symbol is chosen (forced). 

With a wave of the hand that symbol (the Ankh) vanishes from the cover and appears embedded on the paddle.

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