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Excalibur by Mak Magic

Another great close-up item from Mak Magic.

Approx. Price: $95.00 (11/2006) ***

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3 reviews for Excalibur by Mak Magic

  1. Rated 1 out of 5


    Save your Money :o(


    This is nice made item.
    But I personally do not like the method, is not easy to do. And this is close up item, but extremely dangerous if you have people sorounding you, and you have to sit do this effect.


  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    A beauty of the art

    I really think that the other review does not give this beautiful effect justice.

    The quality of the craftmanship is outstanding and I find the story for the routine just excellent. What else can the spectators ask for?

    Everything is examinable at the beginning and at the end, the effect plays just as described but, of course, don’t wait to be performing this straight after receiving it. It’s not difficult to perform but it does require a little practice (but which effect doesn’t?). But once you are familiar with the routine, your spectators will just be in awe.

    All in all I’m just so happy to have found this item and can only recommend it.

    Well done!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andy Martin

    Perfect and Heavy Duty!

    I’ve owned four and sold three of these and for the first time this weekend actually performed it to my family. They loved it! I think this item is misunderstood by some (myself included), and hence it doesn’t always get the best reviews. It works nothing like $link(3750,Anverdi’s Enchanted Ring), although the effect to the lay person is similar. I think this is why some people have a problem with it – they are using it in the same way as the Anverdi item. Performed correctly I actually think it is cleaner and more effective than the Enchanted Ring. Although I did not think this when I first purchased it – partly because I was expecting the same method.

    I think it is an amazing penetration and is easier to perform than some think if you hold it correctly and perform t in your hands rather than leaving it on the table. There are some angle issues and it works best for people in front of you, but with some minor motion you can quite easily perform it with a bigger crowd. What I do is walk on holding the unit by the ring with the stand and sword in place. Showing it all round so they can clearly see that the ring is attached. I quickly dismantle the 3 pieces placing each item on to the spectator’s outstretched hands. Although the sword is gimmicked it doesn’t look like it and will stand-up to normal touch. By placing all the items into both of their outstretched hands they get a sense of how clean (and heavy duty) the items are. A non-gimmicked sword comes with the trick, but frankly I don’t see the use for it since it adds a switch to the routine and is just not necessary.

    Now you cleanly place the ring in the base, and secure it with the sword as you were when you started. Hold it by the long part of the sword with the hilt facing them and tug on the ring – they can tug too – so it is clearly impossible to get the ring off. At this point you can show the ring and base all around. When you are about to do the deed, just point the hilt towards them up close and ask them to blow on the ring, and as you tilt it upwards towards them it is easy to do the move, and pull the ring off. In fact I have pulled the ring off shown everything clean, and then put the ring back on. Each time they have been totally unsuspecting of the method.

    I really love this item now! And it resets automatically too. This is a keeper for sure.

    The only issue with it for walk around is that it is quite heavy rolling in at 11oz. That is quite a weight to be slopping around in your pocket.

    Highly recommend for Collectors and Close-up Performers.

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