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Charles De Quercy’s Curse by Francois Danis

(c. 2007)

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2 reviews for Charles De Quercy’s Curse by Francois Danis

  1. Andy Martin

    Beautiful and Charming Collector Magic to Get Exicted About!

    With his latest creation, François Danis has dug deeper still and created a unique marvel: Charles De Quercy’s Curse. What a beautiful and charming piece of magic this is. Although I love his fabulous Wandering Mummy, this is now my new favorite from his growing line of collectable magic.

    This box of tall tales talks about the great explorer Charles De Quercy. As you read the story and play with the props it all comes alive in your hands. One of the problems with collectible magic that uses interesting props is that without a compelling story they can fall flat on audiences. But with François (with the help of Ian Buckland) you always get a great story to tell and of course great props to boot.

    In a nutshell the effect talks about the great explorer who buys a cursed Mummy from the filthy, but wise, merchant Al Dinn. The mummy parts are well used and move around from top to bottom where upon the head is finally placed in a box for safe keeping. In the end all ends well with the mummy back where it belongs and Al Dinn’s head safely in the box!

    The two methods used for this miracle are simple but effective, although not new. However, in combining the two methods with the beautiful props and entertaining story François has a real winner on his hands. I predict this will be his best seller, until of course his next marvel … yes you can’t get enough of this young French Craftsman. Keep them coming François!

    Most Highly Recommended for the discerning established collector, or for those new to the field who want to get involved before this guy gets too expensive!

  2. Doug King

    My New Favorite!

    Wow! This is my new favorite Francois Danis piece! The craftsmanship of each piece… and the boxed presentation is stunning. The written patter is masterful… and very well thought out. I am most impressed with what Mr. Danis keeps creating. Keep ’em coming, Francois!

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