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Ali Baba Junior by Jack Hughes

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Another great childrens item from Jack Hughes.

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1 review for Ali Baba Junior by Jack Hughes

  1. Andy Martin

    A Great Item from Jack Hughes

    Growing up in England I always had a soft spot for Jack Hughes’ magic – sadly I rarely could afford it. This is one of those items I remember seeing often in Magic Info (the Ron MacMillan publication) and so when I saw it come up on ebay recently I snapped it up.

    In effect you show Ali Baba and his vases and place Ali on the spindle of the stand. The audience select a color and Ali ends up pointing to that color. This can be repeated and in the end Ali ends up pointing to the only vase with a load (money, silks, candy, etc). There are 4 pages of ideas that come with this and it can be used with cards or billets instead of vases and it really is quite an extensive utility item. Within reason whatever will fit on the stand can be used instead of the jars. There is also interesting patter to go along with the Jars theme.

    It works every time and there is nothing added or take away. A very nice find from long ago!

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