Just Married from Italy by Unknown

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Effect: Show four jumbo red-backed cards. Let’s say they are the Five of Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs. Also show four plastic envelopes which contain four Jumbo blue-backed cards. There is a square cut out in the front of each envelope, so the card is clearly visible. In addition, the card sticks up above the envelope, adding to its visibility.

Ask a spectator to select one of the envelopes and one of the red-backed fives. Side the selected one of the envelopes. Repeat the same procedure with the remaining three red-backed cards. Remove the two cards from the first envelope. Turns out to be two matching cards. Same number and same suit. One with a red back and one with a blue back. Same thing for the three additional envelopes. All four set of cards are perfect matches! And best of all the audience can see through the plastic envelopes to confirm that they are empty!

A wonderful routine. Incredibly easy to do. Totally mechanical. Very well made.

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