Carl Rosini Card Transposition by Morrissey Magic, Carl Rosini

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This effect was invented by Carl Rosini and first released by him c. 1948.

This is a nice little outfit from the medium priced Dove Pan manufacturers Morrissey Magic. I used to have this effect a few years back but didn’t have the instructions so missed half of the routine. And it is a whole new effect when you have the complete story!  Anyway, this is a classic cards across – spectator counts out 10 cards on to the tray and you tip the tray into the previously shown and ungimmicked empty bag (or their jacket pocket). They then count the other 10 onto the tray and cover it with the tray to ensure they can’t get away! Needless to say 3 extra cards appear in the bag and you are left with only 7 cards in the other spectators hands.

What is great about this effect is that the tray does all the work for you with ultimate ease. A great effect and a clean method!

Effect: Performer selects two assistants who examine a small, unprepared, drawstring bag large enough to hold 10 cards. Performer hands one of the assistant a deck of cards on a calling card tray. The assistant unmistakably counts off 10 unprepared cards onto the tray and these are slid off the tray into the bag, which the assistant holds.

The balance of the cards are placed on the tray and presented to the second spectator who is asked to count off 10 cards, the last 3 cards being exhibited to audience, the names of these three cards are written down by a member of the audience. The second assistant covers the cards, held in his hand, with his other hand and performer transposes 3 cards, one at a time, to the closed bag held by the first assistant.

The packet of cards held by the second assistant is counted and he has only 7 cards, the 3 have been transported to the closed bag held by the first assistant. The cards in the bag are counted and sure enough there are 3 more cards, for a total of 13 cards. Upon inspection the three noted cards are the ones, which have traveled.

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