Anti-Gravity Wand by Supreme Magic Company

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Effect: A great trick for stage or close-up shows. A wand, two glasses and two silks are given out for examination and the magicians hands are otherwise empty. A silk is placed in each glass side by side on the table and the wand is balanced across both glasses. The magician places his thumb and forefinger around the center of the wand and gently lifts up and amazingly the glasses remain attached.

Slowly the magician pulls out both silks from the glasses and they still remain upside down attached to the wand. Even close-up there looks to be no way for the glasses to stay. Then the magician snaps his fingers and lays the wand back down on the table. He lifts the wand which separates from the glasses and no matter how hard they look they will not find any gimmicks or clues to how it works.

The wand is gimmicked but in a very clever way and will withstand a rigorous examination. This basically is the same as the Gravity Glasses effect, but instead of the gimmick in your hand it has been cleverly installed in the wand and held sung when not being used with magnets. Just a tap and you are good to go.

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Approx. Price: $30.00 (1980) ***

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