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Quad Rope Lets by Elmwood Magic

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This beautiful effect was created by Hen Fetsch c.1954. The first phase is basically the same as the effect that was later credited to Bob Carver as Professor’s Nightmare. A detailed and interesting history of Professor’s Nightmare can be found here.

Effect: This is one of the world’s best rope routines, without any rope being cut and restored. Three ropes of different lengths become equal. Two of them become one rope. The third rope now becomes the same length as that rope. These two 5-foot ropes are thrown out toward the audience when they suddenly become one 10-foot length of rope. Patter routines are included Ho make this one of the most entertaining rope routines ever presented. Use the same rope time and time again. No replacements to buy.

The ropes are made really well too – soft and strong and the gimmick is very well hidden.

If you wanted to do one rope routine, this would be the one!

Highly Recommended!

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Approx. Price: $29.95 (2003) ***

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1 review for Quad Rope Lets by Elmwood Magic

  1. Chan

    the best quality for the rope

    Well, this is the best rope in quality. The audience can not see the joint even in the close distance. hard to believe, how they make it…..
    And the effect is stand in the same high as the quality.


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