Bookmark Miracle by Bob Solari Magic

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Effect: Spectator freely (no force) selects a card from a deck and signs their name across the face of the card. Signed car is returned to the deck and the deck is mixed. The performer tries and fails several times to locate the signed card. Deck is handed to spectator who is then asked to look through the deck and locate their card. The signed card has vanished!

Performer apologizes for not being able to locate the signed card. Performer explains that he was up late last night reading a mystery novel. Performer shows both hands empty. Performer reaches into his rear pants pocket and removes the mystery novel. Performer says, “I’ll show you where I left off in the book, I have it marked off with a bookmark.” Performer riffles the pages in the book and stops at the bookmark (a face down playing card). Performer asks spectator to remove the bookmark (card) and turn it face up. IT”S THE SELECTED SIGNED CARD!!!

Instant reset, card is not forced, NO PALMING! The method is absolutely diabolical! Learn in 10 minutes! Book is not gimmicked in any way. Complete with paperback book, Bicycle deck and necessary gimmicks.

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