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Clatter Box (Hard Wood Board) by Wonder Magic

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Jack Hughes invented the Clatter Box and it appears in his World of Magic Vol. 2.

Effect: Performer removes a silk from a decorated box, which is then given to a spectator to hold. Performer vanishes the silk, claiming it will reappear in the box. When spectator opens the box, if falls to pieces, leaving spectator holding just the top, with silk dangling. Great comedy prop, handsomely decorated, and supplied complete with silks.

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1 review for Clatter Box (Hard Wood Board) by Wonder Magic

  1. William Litzler, a.k.a. Ace Willie

    Not Top Shelf, but it works

    Always a fun trick when incorporated into a full routine. (David Ginn’s routine in Professional Magic For Children is a goodie.) But this is a real bugger to set up.

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