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Chase The Ace by Ken Brooke

(c. 1953) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: Three giant cards are shown, the Ace, Two and Three of Clubs. No matter how closely the audience follows, they CANNOT FIND THE ACE ! You can even invite a member of the audience to come upon the stage and participate. He is unmistakably shown the Ace, and asked to hold it in his own hand. Yet soon the performer shows that HE holds the Ace and the spectator holds a n ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ONE!

The cards supplied are FOURTEEN inches by NINE inches, which you will agree are a tremendous size. Can be SEEN in the largest theatre, yet perfectly O.K. for the drawing room performer. In fact, you will find the size of the cards a guarantee for laughs if you introduce them as a gag in other card tricks!

Chase the Ace includes a splendid Routine. Simple to Perform. It will add Kick to your program.

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