Medal-Lions by Marcelo Contento

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Effect: If you already own Marcelo’s effect Crazy Dominos, you will have no trouble mastering this effect. If you don’t, you will have no trouble mastering this effect. It uses round chips with lions on both sides. When I first looked at this trick, I was not impressed. However, I tried it, found it easy to master and understand. I was still not impressed.

I then did it for some friends. I was sure they would not be impressed. I was wrong! They loved it. I was sure it was a fluke. I did it for a few more people. They loved it. I was impressed.

This deserves your attention. The routine is designed so that you can really end clean. When I do it, I leave the chips on the table. Without fail, someone examines the chips. Examine this trick. You’ll be impressed.

(Chuck Fayne – Magic Magazine, July 1994)

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