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Marlin Cups (Cherry Wood) by Collectors’ Workshop

(c. 1986,2017) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Collectors’ Workshop created the first version of the Marlin Cups c. 1986 and they were inspired by Al Cohen’s Quarter Sorter c. 1984. George Robinson created these wooden ones in Cherry c. 2017 at the new Collectors’ Workshop (Viking Mfg.).  The original Marlin Cups released by Collectors’ Workshop c. 1984 were also in wood (Walnut).  Collectors’ Workshop then produced the Brass version c. 1994 which were the very popular version for many years. 

Although the Marlin Cups were the same effect as the larger Midas Cups  the Marlin Cups were a littler easier to handle.  Of course they didn’t look quite as impressive and interestingly enough the larger half dollars sometimes made the action easier because they would sit easier in the cups (due to their weight).

But the routine is easy enough to do and doesn’t require any special sleights.


  • Two gimmicked cups.
  • Two gimmicked quarters (need to add two normal quarters and some dimes.)
  • Instructions.

Effect: This is a mini version of the Midas Cups. The performer drops four quarters into one cup and when inverted only three coins drop out. The second cup is lifted which reveals the missing coin. This is repeated with another coin joining the previous coin under the other cup.

One by one the coins travel invisibly from one cordial cup to the other. Finally, the performer slides a cup (mouth down) across the table leaving a trail of dimes which stretches across his close-up pad!

This is an elegant and magical transposition which only requires your time to learn. The cups and coins provided do most of the work for you. Comes complete with two special cups, special coins, final load gimmick and complete instructions.

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $129.00 (2022) ***

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