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Coin and Bolt Mystery (Teufels-Durchdringung) by Magiro, Cannon Magic

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This was invented by Magiro. The props are very clean and well made, and the penetration of a borrowed half dollar could not be cleaner. You can see all sides of the bolt and slide during the penetration, and then of course at the end hand it all out for examination!  This version was made by Cannon Magic (later Weiss Cannon) in Germany, a company started by Siegfried Weiss (aka Siegfried von Cannon).

Effect: A borrowed coin visibly penetrates through a solid brass bolt. All props can be examined at the end of your performance. This incredible close-up mystery is a gem you will be proud to own. Beautiful props. High Tech at its best. You will carry it with you all the time.

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Approx. Price: $75.00 (2008) ***

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