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Improved Final Card by Milson-Worth

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Variations of the Final Card effect have been around at least as early as 1945.   Abbott’s released The Last Card devised by Roydon c. 1945 and Jack Hughes produced his improvement c. 1946. I found an advert from the Gamages Catalog for Final Selection c. 1960.  This method/refinement for this version was invented by the prolific English inventor and creator Eric C. Lewis c. 1947. It is described starting on page 227 in Eric’s wonderful book A Continuation of Miracles. Until now, the most common modern release using Eric’s method was from Milson-Worth.
Effect: The improved Milson/Worth version of this amazing card prediction effect is in two parts: a folding stand and a 10-inch (25.4-cm) diameter, 4-color disc.

A card is predicted by the magician and the deck of cards shuffled by a spectator. 16 cards are counted out and placed under clips on the disc. 15 cards are then eliminated at the spectator’s direction. When the final card is turned over it proves to be the predicted card. So subtle and effective it will fool other magicians.

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1 review for Improved Final Card by Milson-Worth

  1. Andy Martin

    Simple but effective Milson-Worth Piece

    This is a simple little prediction effect from the ever popular Milson-Worth and it works very nicely. 16 cards are freely chosen and seen to all be different, then slowly they are eliminated and the prediction matches. Nice stuff!

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