Dream Deck by Nick Verna, Jeff Bloom

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Effect: The Dream Deck: A spectator simply thinks of a card and you confidently nail it each and every time with absolute ease. Works like a DREAM!

  • Deck Resets in Seconds if Not Instantly.
  • Easy and Practical for Walk Around
  • Practically Self Working!
  • Just You, The Cards, And a Spectator’s Mind to Invade.

Includes routines like…”INSANITY”

Imagine a spectator thinks of a card as you SLOWLY fan them in front of their eyes. Another spectator then selects a card and removes it from the deck. You hand the deck to the 1st person, and tell them to concentrate on their card as you attempt to read their mind. You write a number down. You do not ask a question! No one asks a single question! As a matter of fact, NO QUESTIONS are asked by ANYONE!!!! The spectator simply names their mentally selected card. You then show the number and your prediction is always correct! THEY can fan the remaining cards! One has something written on its back … the name of the card the 2nd person picked!

In fact, you can even invite them to deal down to that number and then turn over their mentally selected card.

  • No sleight of hand!
  • No gaffed cards!
  • No marking system!
  • No crib sheets!
  • No crazy math!
  • No double lifts!
  • No switches or moves!
  • No kidding!

This is insanity…..and this is only the beginning. Insanity is just an example of one routine you can do. This is NOT a one trick pony, there are over 100 possible outcomes!

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