The Anything Deck by Paul Harris

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From Paul Harris’ excellent Art of Astonishment (Vol. 3 pg. 23) the amazing Anything Deck. This was clearly an influence on Doc Dixon’s stunning Carpe Cajones and also was released as Deep Astonishment.  Whichever way you slice it, still an amazing and clever piece of magic from Paul Harris.

Effect: For reasons unknown you remove a secret packet of cards from your wallet and secure them under the card case. You then get a seeker to dig deep into her soul and come up with a personal, meaningful magic word. Let’s say her magic word is “ROSE.” You use “ROSE” to help you locate a selected card, then reveal that the name of the card is also written on the card case. You’re a mighty fine card guesser. But what about the secret packet? You SLOWLY, CLEANLY AND OPENLY spread the packet to display large bold letters inked onto the back of the cards…spelling out a single word: ROSE.

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