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Keep The Wheels Turning Vol. 2 (The Floyd Thayer Book) by Les Smith, Gertrude Smith, Owen Magic Supreme

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Here is the long anticipated Vol. 2 of Keep the Wheels Turning collection. Now you can read the story of Floyd Thayer too in this fabulous companion volume.

Details: The most comprehensive and authoritatively researched volume regarding the life, heritage, times and associates of the man who most influenced magic in his own era and beyond, is now offered to the magical fraternity. This book chronicles a century of magical events with which Floyd Thayer was involved.

Over 25 years and thousands of hours of meticulous research were utilized before its final production. Twelve chapters in 372 pages of historical data, maps, charts, and anecdotes are illustrated with over 200 actual photographs and hundreds of line drawings; most never seen by this generation of magicians.

These unusual and rare photographs will take you back to those intriguing times of yesterday and give you an indepth insight into the foundations of today’s magical show business. Many of the actual blueprints and drawings used by The Thayer Manufacturing Company are completely delineated in this volume.

Seventeen pages in full color including a full color portrait of Floyd Thayer are bound in this book. There are numerous reproductions of Floyd Thayer’s drawings of magic props and clips from several of his personal scrapbooks.

Finally, in keeping with volume I, the book is meticulously handbound in black leather and green linen fabric then gold stamped with title, logo and trademark. Issued in a limited, numbered edition and signed by the authors, Les and Gertrude Smith.


  • Chapter 1 – Floyd’s Heritage 1
  • Chapter 2 – Floyd’s Upbringing 11
  • Chapter 3 – From Teen to Manhood 31
  • Chapter 4 – Prelude 45
  • Chapter 5 – The Fulfillment of a Dream 63
  • Chapter 6 – Another Dream Realized 79
  • Chapter 7 – After Brookledge 101
  • Chapter 8 – Associated Characters 117
  • Chapter 9 – L.A.S.M. and Other Magic Clubs 147
  • Color Section 163
  • Chapter 10 – A Business of Tricks or the Tricks of Business 179
  • Chapter 11 – Illusions and Stage Magic 201
    • Battle of the Toy Soldiers
    • Confusion in the Ark
    • Confusion in the Ark (Carl Owen)
    • Vanish of a Caged Parrot
    • Larsen’s Girl Without a Middle
    • Jack in the Box
    • Chef’s Nightmare
    • Triple Trunk Mystery
    • Girl in The Hammock
    • Hoist for Girl in Hammock
    • American Indian Torture Tie
    • Paper Target Escape
    • Bullet-Proof Girl
    • Topsy-Turvy Miss
    • Chocolate Soldier
    • Merry Widow
    • Billiard Ball Backdrop and Stand
    • Wheel of Torture
    • Crash! The Death Slide
    • Challenge Milk Can Escape
    • Jacobsen Milk Can Escape
    • Enemy Torture Cage Escape
    • Improved Substitution Trunk
    • Through the Needle’s Eye
    • Pigeon Catching
    • Famous Barrel Escape
    • Hindu Rope Trick
    • Egyptian Talking Vase
    • Talking Tea Pot
    • Talking Genii Lamp
    • The Talking Buddha
    • Spirito (Carl Owen)
    • The Arm Amputation Illusion
    • Clocks on Ribbons
    • Die and Clock Exchange
    • Kellar Levitation Mystery
  • Chapter 12 – Small Magic and Apparatus – The Wood Turner’s Art 277
    • Yo! Ho! Ho! and a Bottle of Rum
    • The Tom Sellers’ Rising Cards
    • The Die and Box of Flags
    • The Changing Card Tray
    • Thayer’s Simplex Real Half Dollar Vanisher
    • Flower and Vase Production
    • Lodgings for Two
    • The Enchanted Tube
    • The Mystic Box and Lucky Die
    • The Big Egg
    • Ball Vases
    • The Vanishing Lamp
    • The Bran Plates
    • Button Button
    • New Model Tumbler Pedestal
    • Poko Chinko
    • The Obedient Orange
    • Cone and Billiard Ball
    • The Apple and Orange Trick
    • The Fortune Telling Ball
    • The Flying Handkerchief and Candle
    • The Turntable Stand
    • Golly Wobble Bottle
    • King Felton’s Blindfold
    • Three Types of Imp Bottle
    • Thayer’s New Color Passe Passe
    • Cups and Balls
    • Flag and Candle
    • Patriotic Billiard Balls
    • The Mysterious Ink Bottle
    • Transpo-Chango Hanko
    • Coin Plug Box
    • Morison Pill Box and Billiard Ball Shell Mallet
    • Bran Vase
    • The Croquet Trick
    • The Candle that Was
    • Simplex Tumbler Pedestal
    • Lloyd Chamber’s Tenacious Ball
    • The Mummy Case
    • Eli’s Die Box
    • Nic’s Napkins
    • The Triple Tube Vanish
    • The Wine and Water Trick
    • Dr. “Q’s” Mysterious Want Ad Test
    • Glass Go
    • Cannonball Vase
    • The Orange and Lemon Mystery
    • A New Mystical Coin Act
    • Candle to Bouquet
    • Snuff Box Vase
    • Hat and Cane to Table
    • Thayer Foo Can
    • Gavel
    • Billiard Ball Pedestal
    • Hollow Egg – Silk Pull – Nikko – Hindu Cup
    • Hindu Water Tube
    • The Dye Tube
    • Turn of the Tide
    • Pipe Stand
    • Thayer’s Card Rising Tray
    • Ovette’s Chinese Tea Chest
    • The Acrobatic Match Box
    • The Perfection Flag Trick
    • Magical Scraps

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1 review for Keep The Wheels Turning Vol. 2 (The Floyd Thayer Book) by Les Smith, Gertrude Smith, Owen Magic Supreme

  1. Andy Martin

    Here is the long anticipated Vol. 2 of Keep the Wheels Turning collection. Now you can read the story of Floyd Thayer too in this fabulous companion volume.

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