Edwin’s Magic – Finale by Edwin Hooper

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Details: Edwin Hooper will go down in magical history as one of the greatest suppliers and creators of Magic. He shared the helm of Supreme Magic with Ian Idar and together they created a magical supply depot envied by all. Sadly, Supreme Magic is no more, but Edwin’s creative genus is with us in his writings.

Also, don’t forget to pick up a copy of Edwin’s last book, Edwin’s Magic Finale. This is a great compliment to the Surprises book. Also over 300 pages packed with useful, creative Magic. 12 full chapters on everything from Sponge Ball Magic to Bouquet productions to stage props, etc. Something for everyone, guaranteed! So much material I can’t begin to list it all here.

Over 300 pages; hardbound with colorful dust jacket. Limited supply on hand and at these prices will not last long. Ordering both will over-whelm you with magical goodies!


2 Copyright Notice
3 Dedication
5 In Memoriam
7 About ihe Author
7 About the Illustrator
11 Introduction

13 Chapter One Come Closer
13 Have a Banana: pieces of a selected card are found in a furry banana
19 Emergency Stop: Toy car locates card selection
23 In-N-Out Sponge Balls: Sponges and Gozinta boxes
27 Amazing Astronauts: Oil & Water with picture cards
21 Solomon: Pendulum effect and ideas for use
35 The Mystery of the Chinese Idol: Three effects with Chinese Coin and a special figurine
40 Postman Pat: Mechanical toy postman finds the correct envelope
41 The Choice is Yours: Card prediction in envelope
44 Oh Lord: Anecdote
45 Fingered: Multiple finger ideas and gags
48 Do As I Do Surprise: card packet effect
50 Thinking Back: anecdote
51 The Magical School Master: anecdote
52 Crown Cap Capers: Chink a Chink with bottle caps and a vanish

55 Chapter Two A Blob of Blu-Tack
55 Coins Transfer: Stack of coins vanish and reappear in the hand
57 A Magic Circle Trick: Business card helps find selection
59 Card in the Case Surprise: follow up to above
60 Granny Hopkins: anecdote

61 Chapter Three For Coin-Oisseurs
61 Coin into the Elbow: vanish
62 Heads and Tails: at magician’s control
64 “Hoo-Ha!”: gimmick to make your own Hoo coin and some ideas for use
69 Smash-Crash Coin: Block to ball to flattened washer to coin
73 Coins Extraordinaire: Using Gibson’s Coin Unique for coin from string
76 Cool Cheek: anecdote
77 Penny Paper: coin fold vanish
78 Show Me the Way to Go Home: anecdote
79 Miracle Coin Vanish: coin vanish in tissue paper
80 Old Baskets: anecdote

81 Chapter Four Kids’ Capers
81 Spaceman Sam: changes colors
85 The Magic Sweet Box: Square-Circle variation
89 Happy Birthday Surprise: with a change bag
93 The Magic Rabbit Machine: construction and use of this production box
97 Funny Bunny Badge: application for Crazy Compass idea
101 Applause Applause: variation
102 Canned: another variation
102 See How They Run: yet another variation
103 Asking for It: anecdote

105 Chapter Five More Juvenile Delights
105 Sum Trick: funny paper tear
109 Vive La Difference!: anecdote
109 Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp: Table top routine with Castle and Aladdin’s lamp
110 A Man of Miracles: anecdote
123 Nu-Idea Squared Circle: production effect
125 Lucy Locket: Nice children’s routines for girls
134 Feet of Clay: anecdote
135 Button-Button-Buttons: Childrens routine with buttons and ribbons

139 Chapter Six Bottles-Up
139 Silken Cocktail: Silks and bottles
143 Wine-Away: wine vanish from glass
146 More About Granny: anecdote
147 Choice Drink: for a bottle and bottle shell
149 Hoppity Bottle: variation of Topsy Turvey Bottles with an additional cover
153 Messed-with in the Medina: anecdote

155 Chapter Severn Colourful Conceptions
155 Ribbon Rings: linking ribbons
164 Phantom Flowers and Feathers: feathers change into feathered flowers
171 Returno Silks: silks vanish and reappear in special panels
175 Golden Galaxy of Roses: color changing streamers and picture of roses
184 Streamlined Version: of above
187 Pet Stories: anecdote

189 Chapter Eight Make ‘Em Laugh
189 Confusing Card Rise: from instruction book
194 Fishing for Relaxation: anecdote
197 Lovely Lolly: lollypop changes to money
199 Funny Flower: wilting flower
202 Rhyme-A-Ree: ever-changing card with a rhyme
205 Mrs Marshall’s Surprise: Window sign goes awry
209 Solid Milk: milk becomes solid then turns to confetti

211 Chapter Nine: Pick-A-Mix
211 Fantail Fun: a fan production
214 Flowers to Dove Bouquet: another production
217 “Kids”: clever paper folding and cutting
223 The Doodit Tube: vanishing box
227 Noughts and Crosses: With a single cut paper is separated into X’s and O’s
233 Dirty Dogs: anecdote

239 Chapter Ten Favourites
239 Billy Bobtail: Jumbo card trick
243 Tele-Frame: card frame for use with multiple tricks
249 Other Ideas with the Tele-Frame: for above
252 My Multiplying Wands: how to make and present the outfit
255 Cruising Down the River: anecdote

257 Chapter Eleven Tested Tricks
257 Sure-Fire Blendo: silk blendo, good as an opener
262 Perfect Pair: Jumbo card matches selection, with variation using a wallet
267 Golf Ball Sensation: Golf balls removed from bag, vanish, and return audibly one by one!
271 Tri-Thoughts: Blackboard platform effect using one-ahead principle
275 Eggs-tra-ordinary: Eggs, tumbler, and silks
279 Edwin’s Magic Lecture Tour: more anecdotes

291 Chapter Twelve Four Features
95 Newspaper Parasol Surprise: an umbrella trick
294 John Kimmons: anecdote
294 Supreme and I: anecdote
302 The Goofy Christmas Tree: scragly tree turns to beautiful one
302 And So To Bed: ending your show with a banner wand
307 ‘Time To Say Goodbye”: another way to end your show
314 Farewell: final goodbye letter from Edwin

315: Advertisements for Edwins Magic Volumes One and Two, A Host of Surprises, Edwin’s Magic Lecture The Video

  • Publisher: Edwin’s Magic Arts
  • Pages: 319
  • Location: Bideford, Devon
  • Dimensions: 8″x10″
  • Date: 1991
  • Binding: hardbound

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