The Art of Eddie Joseph by Eddie Joseph

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Details: Internationally respected as a prolific inventor and master of every magical subtlety, Eddie J q e p h has revealed hitherto EXCLUSIVE SECRETS in a book that will make you jump with joy!

Effects that bewilder and delight audiences are not easy to find, yet in this BIG volume, they abound in a staggering variety and described so that YOU can do them EASILY. Whether your interests are in the spheres of Cards – Coins – Ropes – Silks – Mental – Close-Up – Drawing Room – Stage or Cabaret, there is plenty of fine material for YOU.

In all, Sixty outstanding Routines, many, being each alone, worth the cost of the entire book! Lavishly ILLUSTRATED with HUNDREDS of PHOTOGRAPHS plus line drawings. 350 pages, printed on heavy art paper, crammed full of the jealously-guarded secrets of a life-time.

Contents: (from book, descriptions added Apr 2018): 

9 Foreword (Harry Stanley)

15 Card Magic:
15 My New Six Card Repeat Trick: uses only 6 cards with a surprise ending
21 My Card Peek: utility move
22 – Bringing Peeked Card to Top
24 – Bringing Peeked Card to Bottom
25 Borrowed Sight: performer reveals peeked at card in three different ways
29 Trapped In Space: magician tosses deck bound in rubber bands and catches the selection, using peek
30 Fertile Fingers: magician cuts to spectators selection; uses peek
34 The Hidden Truth: performer determines selections peeked at by two spectators
35 Peculiar Permeation: selection revealed from under a handkerchief; uses peek
39 Veiled Passage: selected card is named, and then found in an envelope; uses peek
42 The Critical Thrust: a card is selected using a meat skewer, and the magician locates it using the same skewer
48 A Person to Person Call: an over the telephone card demonstration
51 Vacant Vision: a find the lady card effect using a gimmicked card; with variations
60 Heart Throb: magician finds two selections using a mathematical principle
66 Minds in Collusion: magician names four cards chosen by spectators

73 Coin Magic:
75 An Opening Combination: a drink is produced from a handkerchief, then coins, then the coins vanish
83 International Currency: multiple coins produced from a borrowed handkerchief
86 Crash Entry: a stack of coins penetrates a handkerchief covering the other hand
90 Ballistic Coin: one of two coins penetrates a pack of cards, at the spectator’s selection
97 – Second Presentation: without the glass
98 Unseen Flight: Five coins vanish from right fingers to left fist; then one coin joins those held by spectator
103 Rainbow Coins: a coin assembly
109 The Back-Hand Smack: move for vanishing or changing a coin
111 – The Smack Change: using the move for a change
113 Fair Exchange: a Half Crown splits to five sixpenny-pieces
114 Your Choice, Sir: one of two coins vanishes uses the Smack move
115 A Twin Sucker Episode: a coin vanish is explained to a spectator, who find the coin in his own pocket
120 Red and Green: coins with red and green labels become mixed in this four phase routine
128 Sensational Disappearance: in returning two rings to the spectators, coins vanish from a handkerchief
134 Secret Exit: three of six coins penetrate a handkerchief

141 Reel Tricks:
143 The Nuptial Knot: an untying knot and the proper way of presentation
148 A Cabaret Routine: multi-phase silk and ring routine
153 My De Luxe Routine And Handling of the Serpent Silk
155 The Spirit Lends a Hand: a knot vanishes from a silk
156 The Snake Sheds Its Skin: surprise doubling of a silk
157 Reel Tips: several tips on the care and use of your reel

159 Close-Up Magic
161 Match Mysteries: for match sticks
161 – Slow Motion Squeeze Vanish
161 — Single Match Vanish: a match stick vanishes in the hand
164 — Multiple Vanish: up to three matches
166 — Twin Vanish: another version
166 — Resume: discussion
167 Match Flight & Recovery
167 – Flight One: basic vanish with a routine suggestion
170 – Flight Two: another approach for the vanish
170 – Fight Three: full match is seen up to the last point of the vanish
171 – Flight Four: vanish up to three matches together
171 – Flight Five: using a handkerchief
172 – Flight Six: another handkerchief aided vanish
173 – The Recovery: from the ring
174 – Perpetual Matches: combining moves from above
175 The Human Magnet: a different approach to the pencil that clings to the hand 
179 Bewildering Buttons: a sort-of improvised Chop Cup routine with two cups and buttons
180 – Downward Penetration
181 – Upward Penetration
181 – Direct Penetration
184 Traversing Ring & Note: a ring in a handkerchief in a sack becomes linked to a skewer, and a bill vanishes to be found in the handkerchief
189 Recurring Smokes: lit cigarette production from a handkerchief
193 Hold My Wrist: producing a silk and introducing some coins
198 Ring On Stick: an approach to the borrowed finger ring on stick routine
202 Converging Cubes: a chink-a-chink & sponge ball type routine using sponge squares
208 The Hindu Yarn Trick: yarn is ripped into sections and restored

213 Cabaret Magic:
215 Smoky Silks: a cigarette production and then three silks produced with a unique gimmick to make
220 My Sympathetic Silks: Eddie’s unique approach with a surprise finish
225 Indian Rice Stabbing Illusion: rice multiplies into a jar, which is then suspended on just a knife blade
233 – Additional Tips
235 Full View Flash Escape: magician is apparently bound by ropes and a scarf, but leaves the spectators holding the ropes
240 Unyielding Rope: a cut and restored rope with knots, a ring, and more
246 Mysterious Resurrection: sucker torn and restored tissue
252 Sleek Burnt & Restored Hanky: another approach
259 Yogi’s Gaze: setting fire to newspaper through mental thought
269 Cutting Through A Lady: ribbons cut through a spectator without harm
274 Secret Ballot: mental effect, magician determines which ballot name was selected, even though all are marked 
277 Living Calendar: name the day for any date selected
287 Thought Reflection: Magician is able to determine which character and which object three spectators have taken on
299 Elusive Tie: ring and rope tie, with lessons in fake knots
302 – Teenager Club: tie with scarf and five rings
303 – Make Your Call: with 7 different sized rings
305 – The Squeeze Through: single ring and scarf
306 – Parting of the Ways: large and a small ring
308 – The Drop: ring drops through
308 – Incredible: five knots tied to a ring and they all vanish
310 The Regal Sceptre: a long wand comes seems to move about on its own
316 – The Flashgun Extension: a presentation around the space program
319 Mirage: building a hold-out
326 – The Intruders: two odd coins of six vanish
326 – Magic Change: a large coin changes to many smaller ones
327 – Heads or Tails: coin vanish and reappearance
327 – On the Spectator’s Hand: coin vanishes from spectator’s hand to be found elsewhere
328 – Tacit Command: selected card vanishes from the packet
331 – Silky Smooth Card Vanish: another card vanish
332 – The Mystery of the Autographed Card: signed selected card vanishes from deck and is found in magician’s pocket, leaving spectator with a business card
335 – My Favourite Queen: uses duplicates
336 – The Note Evaporates: Mirage method for vanishing a note
339 – The Elusive Pen: using the Mirage for vanishing a borrowed pen
340 – General Observations
341 E.J. Universal Holder & Display Stand: design ideas

  • Publisher: Harry Stanley
  • Pages: 349
  • Location: London, England
  • Edited by: Hugh Miller
  • Dimensions: 7″x9″
  • Date: 1968
  • Binding: hardbound

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