Albo 14 – The Ultimate Thayer Vol. 1 by Robert J. Albo, Philip M. Schwartz

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The Ultimate Thayer is a co-production of Robert Albo, M.D. and Philip Schwartz.

This beautifully designed hard bound book in 2 volumes and 10 DVDs showing the Thayer equipment in action is beyond anything that has ever been offered to the magic fraternity. Anyone who has lived through those Thayer years now has a complete record of the effects, designs, apparatus and history of Floyd G. Thayer’s contribution to the history of magic. With The Ultimate Thayer you have important historic magical information at your fingertips. (Micky Hades)

Details: The Ultimate Thayer by Dr. Robert Albo and Philip Schwartz is a masterpiece.

  • Volume 1 is an oversize, 9” by 12” hardbound volume of pictures and history of Thayer’s magical life.  This has 256 pages and is in full color throughout.
  • Volume 2 is a matching volume with a 1000 color photos of more than 400 pieces of Thayer-Owen apparatus, with catalog descriptions and additional information.  This is 256 pages in full color.
  • A folder containing ten DVDs of performance of the apparatus shown in the second volume, plus historical footage dating back more than seventy years.
  • A reproduction of the true first Thayer Catalog (yellow covers, not red) including the loose photos, as issued.  This is reproduced from the only known complete copy, which is in my collection. This is in an envelope on the inside back cover of the first volume.
  • A beautiful, newly minted Thayer commemorative token housed in an envelope on the inside back cover of the second volume.
  • A hardbound slipcase to hold all of the above, lavishly decorated in gold on black cloth (Thayer colors).
  • Limited to just 400 sets.


Bonus Genius; The Early Years A Magician in the Attic; The Apprentice Sorcerer; Thayer, the Thespian; Thayer, the Soldier; Marital Bliss; Thayer the Mystifier; Floyd Thayer s Performances

The Magic Shop of the West; From Manzanita and Orangewood; A Talk In The Woods; Pasadena Life; Christmas Wishes; Magic Parties; Picnics in the Parks

Thayers Marketing Magi-Apparati Vendi; Marketing Blueprint; Giving Thayer His Props; Identifying the Customer; Engaging Conversation; Depth of a Sales­ man; Marketing By Instinct; Advertising Schedule; Promotional Flyers; Promo­ tional Pricing; Public Relations; Visibility through magic organizations; Affili­ ations with magic organizations; Meeting Place; Donations of Magic; Charities and Benefits; Gifts; Publicity; Trade Shows; Distribution channels; Dealer Relationships; Department Store Magic; Product Lines; The Sub-Brands; The Eureka Series; The Christianer Series; Dr. “Q”; Too Much of a Good Thing is a Good Thing? Hardly; Swellest Dice Outfit; Billiard Ball Box; Dog Gone It; More Line Extensions; Blue Phantom; Bonus Genius-The Vanishing Doll; One-Hand Production Cabinets; Passe Passes; Blocks; Accessories; Stands and Pedestals; Trays; Printing Cuts; Etc.; Loyalty programs; Trick of the Month Club; Private mailings; Giveaways; Special Promotions; Magic Publisher; The Magical Bulletin’, The Revival; Hindoo Head Logo; Ballygram-, Promotional Booklets; June 8-9-10-1927 IBM; 1933 An Old Firm in a New Home; Catalogs; Catalog Notes; Yellow-the first Thayer catalog; Red-the second, formerly “the first”; Magic Shop of the West; Magical Woodcraft-Thayer & Christianer; Magic Shop of the West; Magical Woodcraft No. 3; Supplementary Listings; Catalog No. 4; Catalog No. 5; Magical Literature; Catalog No. 5 (Edición Españ; Magical Literature; Catalog No. 6; Magical Literature; Catalogue No. 7; Catalog No. 7 “S”; Catalog of Books on Magic and Kindred Arts; Catalog No. 8; Handy Pocket Catalogs; Book Catalog; Catalog No. 9; Supplement to Catalog Nine; Book List; Catalog No. 10; Branding; The First Branded Wood Magic; Thayer Quality Magic; Look For The Hindoo; It’s All About Who You Know

How It’s Done; Compensation and Commission; Respect And Protection of Ideas; Don’t Tell How; The Expose Committee; The Secret Is Told When the Magic Is Sold; Taking the Pledge; Free Ideas; Copyrights and Wrongs; Falsely Accused; Recognition and Rights; Sleight Respect

Inventive Genius; The New Super Deluxe Jap Box; The First Silk Cabby; Cupids Doves; Super Vanish Extraordinary; Challenge Box, Rod and Ring Mystery; “Rough Billiard Balls”; Thayers Sliding Die Box; Imp-provement; Rising Card Tray; Rising Cards Mysterious; “Mento Mystery”; Obedient Coins Liberty Coin Ladder; A New Thimble Stand; Mystic Ballot; Thimblewiz; The Rice and Orange Vase; Locking Flaps and Panels; Greatest Solid Through Solid ¡Thermo Canister; Devil’s Card Rise; Illusions; Conceiving Violent Spectacles; The Disembodied Princess (Or Dissolution of Matter) aka Girl Without A Middle; Hangmans Illusion (originally titled The Executioners Dream); And a hundred more!

Turn Style; Simple Elegance; So Few; The Thayer Morison Pill Box; Those Famous Billiard Balls; Perfectly Turned; Perfectly Painted; French Polishing; Perfection in an Egg Vase; Little Boxes of Boxwood; Thimble Whiz; Orange Stippling; Interior Smoothing; Tools of the Turner; Turning the Tables; Second, Best; Watch­ ing Floyd Turn; Thayer Tables; Thayer Magical Manufacturing; Construction; Sources; Lacquer, Shellac and Oil; Painting; Ideology; Hallmarks of a Craftsman;

Influences; Ida Jennifer “Jennie” Thayer; Merritt W. Thayer; Alton Merritt Thayer; Edward H. Ellis; Harry Kellar; Workshops and Stores; Pasadena Novelty Works; Thayer Wood Works, Thayer Novelty Wood Works and Thayer Art Wood Works; The Magic Shop of the West; 235 South San Pedro Street; 334 South San Pedro Street; Brookledge; 6417 Hollywood Boulevard; A Second Flood; And back to Pasadena; Old Saws; Jigsaw Puzzle; His Magic Library and Collection; Thayer in Hollywood; Charitable and Honored; Floyds death; Final Resting Place

Thayer; In the beginning -The Magic Shop of the West; Louis Fred Christianer; Performing Together; Christianer, the Prolific; Larsen; William Walter Larsen, Sr.; Genii, Yes; Buying the Thayer Studio of Magic; Thayer at La Brea; The Larsen Leg­ acy; Geraldine “Gerrie” Conrad Larsen Baker Jaffe-The Magic Lady; William W. “Bill” Larsen III; Milton Page “Milt” Larsen; Mrs. Houdini; Magigals; “Magigals Have a Studio Party”; 705 South Hudson Street, Pasadena; The Second Sale of the Thayer Studio of Magic; A Stunning Announcement; Clayton Jacobsen aka Rudy Roxo; Contract of Sale and Purchase (Bill of Sale); Super Vanish Extraordinary?; False Count? Owen; Carl Paul LeRoy Owen; 1919 Master illusion plans; Owen Brothers, the Company; Carl, Triumphant; Henry Emmett Owen; Kazuo “Kaz” Hayashi; John Alden Daniel; Seeing and Sawing Irene; Leslie Charles “Les” Smith; The Purchase of Owen Magic Supreme; 2008; Who Owns Thayers?; Untold Thayer Stories; Illusions of Grandeur; Paranoia, Real and Imagined; Thayer, and Back Again; Cut and Restored


The Primary Cast Members
Asa Griggs Candler Sr.; Asa Griggs Candler Jr.; T. (Thomas) Page Wright; Earl E Rybolt; Marvin Levy I Marvin Roy / Marvyn Roy; Homer Hudson; Merville Andrew “Merv” Taylor

All The Other Thayer Players
Leo Behnke; Frank E. Billheimer; Gladdis A. Thayer Boysen; Fortunato “Nato” Casteneda; Lloyd W. Chambers; Fred L. and Nettie C. Christianen Claude Al­ exander Conlin; Samuel A. Conrad; Joe Delucci;Dillmann; Carl Dossett; Lee C. Dowell; Edward H. Ellis; Les Elton; Edward Loyd Enochs; Albert Sidney “Sid” Fleischman; Caryl S. Fleming; Henry Formhals; John F. Flynn; MacKen- zie Gordon Gant; John Gaughan; Edgar A. “Eddy” Golden; Matthew Goldine; Glenn Gilmore Gravatt; Lenn Oliver “Len” Gunn; Bob Gunther; Nelson Hah­ ne; Rolland Hamblen; Faye Hamilton; Heisley; Frank Herman; Roland Hill; Wilhelmina Beatrice “Bess” Rahner Houdini; Walter S. Humphry; Leo Irby; Lowell Jacobsen; Harry Jensen; Glenn V. Jester; Lloyd E. Jones; Walter Kaeber; Charles Wesley Kirkham; Walter and Russell Knott; Joseph J. Kolar; Dante Daniel Larsen; Erika Irene Larsen; Tom S. Lawless; Los Magicos; Rocco Mari­ no, Jr.; Matt Martin; Franz Massopust, Jr.; Jim Matthews; George McAthy; T.W. McGrath; Harry Mendoza; A. Caro Miller; Paco Miller; Chester Morris; Virgil Harris Mulkey; Christian Andrew George Naeseth; Clara Nickel; Nikko; Mae Norton; James “Jimmy” Olsen; Dale Oprandy; Bertha Adele Nichols Owen; Henry Emmett Owen; Edith Cox Peck; John Petrie; Charles Plumb; Poo and Lizzie; Nicholas Stefano “Nick” Ruggiero; W. S.; Elizabeth “Betty” Sanders; Bill Schmeelk; Grace “Gracie” Schwartz; Lin Searles; Tom Sellers; Frederick Shields; Harry K. Shigeta; Glyndon Smith; Leslie Charles “Les” Smith; Harlan Tarbell; Merville Andrew Taylor; Max Terhune; Bette Homyak Thayer; Jennie Ida Thayer; Martha Elizabeth Cheney Thayer; Merritt Sidney Thayer; Merritt W. Thayer; Richard Merritt “Rich” Thayer; John H. Tobler; Victor and Carolyn Trask; A. Vaillancoure; Robert Alan Wakeling; George Orson Welles; Carl De-Voy Williams; James E. Workman; Lillian L. Wright; Thomas Page Wright; Alan Frederick Zagorsky; John Underhill Zweers

Floyd G. Thayer Timeline; The Story of Brookledge; Thayer Ballygram Issues; Thayer Publications; Louis F. Christianer Magic Booklets; Magigal Chapters and Assemblies; Thayer Residences; Thayer Phone Numbers; Thayer Business Contact Information and Labels; Letterheads; Stamps and Business Cards; Trick of the Month Club; Thayer Catalogs, Supplements and Catalog Folders; Owen Catalogs; Thayer Inventions; Thayer and Owen Artists and Illustra­ tors; Thayer and Owen Patterns and Designs; Thayer Christmas and New Year Cards; Advertisements and Flyers; Wood File-Magic Woods; Timberline; Dried and True; Dark Versus Light Woods and Finishes; Rubbings; Faking It; Thayer’s Passing Parade; Correspondence with Carter; Master Blue Prints and Illusion Plans; Publicity; Bibliography

INDEX – 227

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